The Language Instinct

How the Mind Creates Language

Author: Steven Pinker

  • Penguin
  • Format: ePub eBook
  • Published: 27 Feb 2003
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'Dazzling...Pinker's big idea is that language is an innate to us as flying is to geese...Words can hardly do justice to the superlative range and liveliness of Pinker's investigations'

- Independent

'A marvellously readable book...illuminates every facet of human language: its biological origin, its uniqueness to humanity, it acquisition by children, its grammatical structure, the production and perception of speech, the pathology of language disorders and the unstoppable evolution of languages and dialects' - Nature

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  • Format: ePub eBook
  • ISBN: 9780141929682
  • Pages: 496
  • Published: 27 Feb 2003
  • Publisher: Penguin
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