The Penguin Book of Ghosts

Haunted England

Author: Jacqueline Simpson

Author: Jennifer Westwood

  • Penguin
  • Format: ePub eBook
  • Published: 02 Oct 2008
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Shiver at the story of the malevolent apparition of 50 Berkeley Square no one has survived seeing.

Listen for the tapping cane, when Jeremy Bentham's mummified body walks through the corridors of University College.

Watch out for the Roman centurion who still patrols the causeway linking Mersea Island to Essex.

Shudder at the ghosts of kings and queens that keep returning to their old home at Windsor.

Beware the black dog of Shap Fell: a sighting presages fatal accidents.

England's history echoes with stories of unquiet spirits and hauntings, of headless highwaymen and grey ladies, of premonitions of death and indelible blood-stains. Here, county by county and place by place, Jennifer Westwood and Jacqueline Simpson gather together all the most interesting supernatural tales from The Lore of the Land. From a ghostly army marching across Cumbria to landlords' appeals against rates (because no one will rent their haunted house), from the phantom hitchhiker of the Blackwall Tunnel to Francis Drake's drum summoning him when England is in danger, these fascinating and unforgettable stories are part of our legendary past - and present.

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  • Format: ePub eBook
  • ISBN: 9780141920740
  • Pages: 480
  • Published: 02 Oct 2008
  • Publisher: Penguin
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