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Brian Morton

Brian Morton is slightly older than Mr Cook, but not unduly self-conscious about it. In his teens, he was struck to discover a Morton among the founders of jazz and resolved to stay in the family business. After nearly twenty-five years collecting records, the joists and foundations of his house are no sounder than his bank balance. He has been an academic and journalist, and more recently a freelance writer and broadcaster. He presents BBC Radio 3's jazz magazine, Impressions, as well as the posher In Tune. Since May 1996 , he has been senior producer of Radio Scotland's arts strand, The Usual Suspects. He fulfil's one cynic's definition of a gentleman: owning several saxophones, but now seldom playing them. The soccer and boxing metaphors are his; all references to 'googlies', 'Chinamen' and 'cover drives' are attributable to his co-author. Their private Esperanto is compounded of jazz, horse-racing and malt whisky.

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