The Penguin History of the United States of America

Second Edition

» Hugh Brogan

Paperback : 29 Mar 2001



This new edition of Brogan's superb one-volume history - from early British colonisation to the Reagan years - captures an array of dynamic personalities and events. In a broad sweep of America's triumphant progress. Brogan explores the period leading to Independence from both the American and the British points of view, touching on permanent features of 'the American character' - both the good and the bad. He provides a masterly synthesis of all the latest research illustrating America's rapid growth from humble beginnings to global dominance.

Table of contents

The Penguin History of the USA - Hugh Brogan

A Note of Thanks
Note for the Revised Edition

Book One: The Settlement
1. Prelude c. 30,000 BC-C. AD 1600
2. The Roots of English Colonization
3. The Planting of Virginia 1607-76
4. The Planting of New England 1604-c.1675
5. Indians 1492-1920

Book Two: The Old Order and the American Revolution
6. Imperial Britain 1660-1763
7. Thirteen Colonies c. 1675-1763
8. The Waking of the Revolution 1759-66
9. The Road to Ruin 1766-75
10. The War of the Revolution 1775-83
11. The Peace and the Constitution 1783-9

Book Three: The Age of Equality
12. The Planting of the West
13. The Development of a Democracy 1789-1841
14. Slavery and its Consequences 1800-1861
15. The War About Slavery 1861-5
16. Reconstruction 1865-77

Book Four: The Age of Gold
17. The Billion-Dollar Country 1865-1900
18. Congressional Government and its Critics 1869-96
19. The Progressive Adventure 1897-1914
20. The Education of Woodrow Wilson 1914-21
21. Irresponsibility 1921-33

Book Five: The Superpower
22. The Era of Franklin Roosevelt 1933-8
23. The Reluctant Giant 1933-45
24. Cold War Abroad and at Home 1945-61
25. Unfinished Business 1954-68
26. The Crisis of the New Order 1963-74
27. A World Restored? 1977-89

A Note on Further Reading

Product details

Format : Paperback
ISBN: 9780140252552
Size : 129 x 198mm
Pages : 752
Published : 29 Mar 2001
Publisher : Penguin

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The Penguin History of the United States of America

Second Edition

» Hugh Brogan


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