The Art of Travel

» Alain de Botton

Paperback : 29 May 2003


'Lucid, fluid, uplifting ... it can enrich and improve your life'
Sunday Times


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Bestselling philosopher Alain de Botton, author of The Consolations of Philosophy and Status Anxiety, explores the highs and lows, ups and downs, of holidays in The Art of Travel.

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Few activities seem to promise is as much happiness as going travelling: taking off for somewhere else, somewhere far from home, a place with more interesting weather, customs and landscapes. But although we are inundated with advice on where to travel to, we seldom ask why we go and how we might become more fulfilled by doing so.

With the help of a selection of writers, artists and thinkers – including Flaubert, Edward Hopper, Wordsworth and Van Gogh – Alain de Botton’s bestselling The Art of Travel provides invaluable insights into everything from holiday romance to hotel minibars, airports to sightseeing.

The perfect antidote to those guides that tell us what to do when we get there, The Art of Travel tries to explain why we really went in the first place – and helpfully suggest how we might be happier on our journeys.

‘Richly evocative, sharp and funny. De Botton proves himself to be a very fine travel writer indeed’ Sunday Telegraph

‘Delightful, profound, entertaining, I doubt if de Botton has written a dull sentence in his life’ Jan Morris

‘An elegant and subtle work, unlike any other. Beguiling’ Colin Thubron, The Times

Alain de Botton, writer and philosopher of the everyday, has reached the top of bestseller lists in over 30 countries; he writes on issues that are familiar to each and every one of us in a friendly and accessible style. His other works of non-fiction from Penguin are The Consolations of Philosophy, The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work, Status Anxiety, The Architecture of Happiness and Religion for Atheists.

Product details

Format : Paperback
ISBN: 9780140276626
Size : 178 x 130mm
Pages : 272
Published : 29 May 2003
Publisher : Penguin

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» ePub eBook: eBook : £7.00

The Art of Travel

» Alain de Botton


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