For Crying Out Loud

The World According to Clarkson Volume 3

» Jeremy Clarkson

Paperback : 14 May 2009


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The famously outspoken and outrageous presenter of Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson, shares his opinions on just about everything in For Crying Out Loud – a hilarious collection of Jeremy’s Sunday Times’ columns and the third in his The World According to Clarkson series which also includes The World According to Clarkson, And Another Thing… and How Hard Can It Be?

'Cars take a back seat as Clarkson grumpily lets rip . . . the man has a point!' Zoo

The publication of The World According to Clarkson in 2004 launched a multi-million copy bestselling phenomenon. But to no avail.

Jeremy's one man war on crimes against common sense has not yet been won. And out hero's still scratching his head at the madness of it all. But it's not all bad. He's learnt a little along the way, including:

• Why binge drinking is good for you

• The worst word in the English language

• The remarkable secret of eternal youth

• The problem with America

• And how to dispose of a seal

For anyone who's been driven to wonder just what is the matter with people these days, For Crying Out Loud is perfect riposte. Surprising, fearless and always laugh-out-loud funny, Clarkson's back. And he's got a point . . .

Number-one bestseller Jeremy Clarkson writes on cars, current affairs anything else that annoys him in his sharp and funny collections. Born To Be Riled, Clarkson On Cars, Don’t Stop Me Now, Driven To Distraction, Round the Bend, Motorworld, and I Know You Got Soul are also available as Penguin paperbacks; the Penguin App iClarkson: The Book of Cars can be downloaded on the App Store.

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Product details

Format : Paperback
ISBN: 9780141038124
Size : 129 x 198mm
Pages : 352
Published : 14 May 2009
Publisher : Penguin

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» ePub eBook: eBook : £4.49

For Crying Out Loud

The World According to Clarkson Volume 3

» Jeremy Clarkson


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