The End of Overeating

Taking control of our insatiable appetite

» David Kessler

Paperback : 01 Apr 2010


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Uncover the truth behind our food addiction - and learn how to break the cycle.

Many of us find ourselves powerless in front of a bag of crisps, a packet of biscuits, the last slice of pizza. Why is it that we simply can't say no?

In The End of Overeating David Kessler, the man who took on the tobacco industry, exposes how modern food manufacturers have hijacked the brains of millions by turning our meals into perfectly engineered portions of fat, salt and sugar, turning us into addicts in the process. The result is a ticking time-bomb of growing obesity, heart conditions and a mass of health problems around the globe.

Examining why we're so often powerless in the face of such food, Kessler reveals how our appetites have been and are increasingly hijacked by hyper-palatable foods that encourage us to keep eating - all the time. With a special focus on the growing problems in the UK and Europe, Kessler lays out a clear plan and vital tools for reclaiming control over our cravings.

Product details

Format : Paperback
ISBN: 9780141047812
Size : 129 x 198mm
Pages : 352
Published : 01 Apr 2010
Publisher : Penguin

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The End of Overeating

Taking control of our insatiable appetite

» David Kessler


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