Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

» Robert Louis Stevenson

Penguin Classics : Penguin English Library
Paperback : 29 Nov 2012



'All human beings, as we meet them, are commingled out of good and evil: and Edward Hyde, alone in the ranks of mankind, was pure evil'

Published as a 'shilling shocker', Robert Louis Stevenson's dark psychological fantasy gave birth to the idea of the split personality. The story of respectable Dr Jekyll's strange association with 'damnable young man' Edward Hyde; the hunt through fog-bound London for a killer; and the final revelation of Hyde's true identity is a chilling exploration of humanity's basest capacity for evil.

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Product details

Format : Paperback
ISBN: 9780141389509
Size : 129 x 198mm
Pages : 128
Published : 29 Nov 2012
Publisher : Penguin Classics

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Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

» Robert Louis Stevenson



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