Juliet, Naked

» Nick Hornby

Digital Audiobook : 03 Sep 2009

Juliet, Naked (Unabridged) - Nick Hornby


Nick Hornby: Juliet Naked (Audio Book Extract) read by Jennifer Wiltsie,Bill Irwin and Ben Miles by Penguin Books UK

Annie and Duncan are a mid-thirties couple who have reached a fork in the road, realising their shared interest in the reclusive musician Tucker Crowe (in Duncan's case, an obsession as well as an academic career) is not enough to hold them together any more. When Annie hates Tucker's 'new release', a terrible demo of his most famous album, it's the last straw - Duncan cheats on her and she promptly chucks him. Via an internet discussion forum, Annie's harsh opinion reaches Tucker himself, who couldn't agree more. He and Annie start an unlikely correspondence which teaches them both something about moving on from years of wasted time. Nick Hornby's compelling new novel, four years after A Long Way Down, is about the nature of creativity and obsession, and how two lonely people can gradually find each other.

This audiobook is available to download from iTunes and Audible.co.uk

Product details

Format : Digital Audiobook
ISBN: 9780141941134
Published : 03 Sep 2009
Publisher : Penguin
Duration : 538 minutes

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Juliet, Naked

» Nick Hornby

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