Comfort and Joy

» India Knight

ePub eBook : 25 Nov 2010



It's December 23rd and Clara Dunphy is running around Oxford Street like a blue-arsed fly trying to buy presents. She wants to make Christmas perfect: it's a lifelong ambition. And a challenging one at the best of times, even without taking her sixteen guests - sorry, "loved ones" - and their varying degrees of social dysfunction into account. Meanwhile, something weird has happened to her marriage, and the ho, ho, ho is thin on the ground.

Why does Christmas have such an emotional hold over us? Why does family stuff hit the peak of its madness on December the 25th? And is it okay to want more than you have, when what you have seems so enviable from the outside?

A blackly funny, tender dissection of the meaning of love - family love, sibling love, children love - Comfort and Joy will make you laugh and cry.

Product details

Format : ePub eBook
ISBN: 9780141970189
Size : 135 x 216mm
Pages : 288
Published : 25 Nov 2010
Publisher : Penguin

Other formats for Comfort and Joy:
» Paperback : £7.99
» Downloadable Audio: Audiobook : £13.00

Comfort and Joy

» India Knight


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