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Hostel Room 131

» R. Raj Rao

Paperback : 26 Jan 2012



In the winter of 1978, Siddharth, twenty-three, meets Sudhir, twenty, in a friend's friend's room in Pune's Engineering College Hostel. He falls instantly in love.

A man of unconventional views-he believes, for instance, that the two heroes in Sholay have the hots for each other rather than for the heroines-Siddharth becomes a full-time lover over the next seven

years and stubbornly pursues the object of his lust and affection, despite his job as a college lecturer in Bombay.

There are many obstacles along the way, including Sudhir's family, against whom Siddharth files a police complaint, and Sudhir's classmates from Belgaum, led by the homophobic Ravi Humbe, who start an anti- Siddharth association. But Siddharth gets support from Gaurav and Vivek, a militant gay pair keen to ambush the enemy. Deadpan humour and farce come together in this entertaining love


Product details

Format : Paperback
ISBN: 9780143064466
Size : 129 x 198mm
Pages : 240
Published : 26 Jan 2012
Publisher : Penguin

Hostel Room 131

» R. Raj Rao


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