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Map : 01 Sep 2010



The Rough Guide Map Dublin will guide you along the compact city streets of this thriving modern metropolis. From the National Gallery to Phoenix Park, The Rough Guide Map Dublin pin-points the best attractions the city has to offer as well as shops, restaurants, lively traditional music bars and inspirational art galleries. Boasting an A-Z street finder index and an essential 'Time Map' with opening and closing times of the top attractions, the map also suggests routes for numerous day-trips. Streets and key tourist hotspots are clearly colour-coded, with unique Rough Guide recommendations highlighted. User-friendly and printed in full-colour on waterproof, rip-proof paper, this slick, fully up-to-date map presents Dublin with impeccable accuracy, making it an unmissable travel companion on your break away to Dublin.

Product details

Format : Map
ISBN: 9781848365483
Size : 210 x 133mm
Pages : 1
Published : 01 Sep 2010
Publisher : Rough Guides

Rough Guide Map Dublin

» Rough Guides


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