Penguin Design Award
Adult Cover Award

2nd Place

Patrycja Zywert

Bucks New University

Patrycja Zywert jacket detail

Explanation of work

My concept is based on creating mixed feelings. The title lettering looks nice at first sight but after taking a closer look the reader can see it is made of hair. Beautiful, long and nicely scented hair is undoubtedly a feature of a woman. If it is cut, it immediately brings the thought that something bad has happened to her. By using real hair I wanted to emphasise the human aspect in a subtle way and it links to the story, the pursuit of the perfect scent – innocence. The lettering style is inspired by eighteenth-century French alphabets.

Judges' Comments

‘Makes you feel your nose is being tickled without resorting to trickery – comes within a hairís-breadth of design genius’ Will Self

‘Bursting with great ideas from the sketch book through to the final form – there is a real depth to the work’ Richard Bravery – Senior Designer, Penguin General

‘I was fascinated by the ideas. A clever and original approach to the subject and truly sinister’ Joanna Prior – Managing Director, Penguin General

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