Penguin Design Award
Adult Cover Award

3rd Place

Sara Mulvanny

Kingston University

Sara Mulvanny jacket detail

Explanation of work

I designed the title and writing on the front cover inside the strong bottle shape to reflect the liquidised perfume of Jean-Baptiste Grenouille’s creation. The woman is suspended within, robbed of her scent and life. The lifeless body trapped in the bottle creates a sinister cover, which reflects the dark and disturbing atmosphere of the book. The bronze framing shape mirrors the fluid quality of the fragrance, and enhances the feeling of enclosure. The back portrays more victims intertwined in the intoxicating perfume.

Judges' Comments

‘Love the textures and composition – the lettering is handled with charm’ Jim Stoddart – Penguin Press Art Director

‘Very evocative of the period’ Marion Deuchars

‘Beautifully crafted’ Will Self

‘I love the movement in it and the personality of it. It’s very appealing and has great charm’ Joanna Prior – Managing Director, Penguin General

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