14 October 2015

Richard E Grant invites authors, comedians, musicians, historians, actors, business leaders, philosophers and fellow actors to join him at the Penguin studios with five objects that inspired and shaped the writing of their latest book.

The objects they bring to the conversation act as a diving board for Richard to delve deep into the author’s world to fully understand the origins of their story, the experiences that influenced its development and the vision for translating the story into an audiobook, excerpts of which are heard throughout the episode. 

Every podcast is unique as our authors shape the conversation through the objects they select to illustrate the creative process. The themes of the book provide the inspiration for wider cultural discussions. 

In this episode Kate Atkinson brings an antique silver hare, a Halifax Bomber and Beethoven’s 9th Symphony to the Penguin Studio to talk about her latest book A God In Ruins with host Richard E Grant. The topics of conversation include the long-term effects of war on veterans, The Queen, how we age and the power of classical music to evoke an emotional response in us all.

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