How did you become aware of the story told in Flash Boys?

The term of 'high frequency trading' began to appear in the newspapers for the first time circa 2009. I asked a few professional investors if they could explain it to me; they couldn't but one of them said 'there is a guy named Brad Katsuyama who explains this stuff better than anyone.' Brad led me to the others.

How did you immerse yourself in the world of high frequency trading?

I didn't. I interviewed a bunch of people who worked, or had worked, at HFT firms but they were mostly terrified of seeing their names in print. My view into high frequency trading was opened by the Flash Boys characters who were not themselves high frequency traders, but people trying to divine HFT's effects.

What were the challenges in writing the book?

The complexity of the subject.

Which authors do you like to read?

I have a weakness for English comic novels. I'll read anything by John Lanchester.

Has the publication of Flash Boys had the desired effect?

I'll let you know in five years.

What stories are you currently interested in exploring?

I've found that the minute I start talking about the stories I'm interested in exploring I lose interest in exploring them.

  • Flash Boys

  • The Times, Observer, Financial Times, New Statesman and Times Literary Supplement Books of the Year 2014

    Michael Lewis, the Master of the Big Story, is back with Flash Boys

    If you thought Wall Street was about alpha males standing in trading pits hollering at each other, think again. That world is dead.

    Now, the world's money is traded by computer code, inside black boxes in heavily guarded buildings. Even the experts entrusted with your cash don't know what's happening to it. And the very few who do aren't about to tell - because they're making a killing.

    This is a market that's rigged, out of control and out of sight; a market in which the chief need is for speed; and in which traders would sell their grandmothers for a microsecond. Blink, and you'll miss it.

    In Flash Boys, Michael Lewis tells the explosive story of how one group of ingenious oddballs and misfits set out to expose what was going on. It's the story of what it's like to declare war on some of the richest and most powerful people in the world. It's about taking on an entire system. And it's about the madness that has taken hold of the financial markets today.

    You won't believe it until you've read it.

    'I read Michael Lewis for the same reasons I watch Tiger Woods. I'll never play like that. But it's good to be reminded every now and again what genius looks like' - Malcolm Gladwell

    'Probably the best current writer in America' - Tom Wolfe

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