Meditation: Elevenses

(10 minutes)

1.     Make a mid-morning cup of fresh herbal tea and nip outside. Take a poetry anthology or your journal with you.

2.     Take an Easy Seat and follow your Easy Breath for a few minutes. Try breathing through your nose for this activity.

3.     Divide your next out-breath into four sections so that it comes out as four little pumps.

4.     Do the same with the next in-breath, splitting the inhale into four equal sections like gasps.

5.     Take this breathing pattern for six breaths so long as it feels good and comfortable.

6.     It can sometimes help you to focus if you pop a hand over your stomach as you do this.

7.     Let your breathing return to a very natural and normal pace.

8.     Pick a poem at random from your anthology or journal to savour. You’ll come back to your desk inspired with a refreshed perspective.

TIP: Read The Door, a beautiful poem by Miroslav Holub.

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