02 June 2018

If you drink too much caffeine, your natural cortisol response that wakes you up in the morning becomes less sensitive. In other words, your get-up-and-go goes, so you never feel ready to start the day.  So here’s your 5-step guide to drinking less coffee without feeling like a zombie…

1. Help repair your cortisol response by eating extra protein every day

Like a chicken breast or two poached eggs.  Why? These boost your energising brain chemicals called catecholamines.

2. Exercise can stimulate a healthy level of cortisol

So try this "espresso energiser" workout in the morning for an energy lift to start your day. You can do the routine in your PJs right next to your bed, to make life really easy.  Try the workout – your aim is to complete as many reps as you can in one minute with perfect form.

3. The secret to cutting down on caffeine without feeling like hell is to do it gradually

Drop one cup a day until you’re Ok on just two.  Research shows the average person can drink 400mg of caffeine a day – that’s two standard barista coffee to get all the benefits and none of the jittery, stressed out side effects.

4. The best time to drink your first coffee is between 10-11am 

Caffeine is most effective at this hour of the morning because it’s when your cortisol naturally dips.  Result: you feel more alert in an energy slump.

5. If you’re having trouble sleeping finish your last brew before 2pm

Your body needs up to six hours to process that caffeine before you unwind in the evening.  The short window of opportunity is another way to help you cut down on your coffee habit.

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