• Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling

  • 'A gift of both books this Christmas will see the recipient barely stir from reading for days' - Sunday Independent (Ireland)

    'There aren't enough words for how much I love it' Marian Keyes

    Meet Aisling.

    She's a small-town girl who dreams of the big city.

    She has a heart of gold and an iron belief in the power of control tights.

    She has a steady job and a loyal boyfriend (though he hasn't put a ring on it even after seven years).

    Then one disastrous romantic getaway convinces Aisling to leave him behind and head for the bright lights.

    But with glamorous new flatmates, a scandal at work and a weird love square, Aisling has no idea what's about to hit her.


    'Will have you laughing your socks off' Fabulous

    'Sweet, funny, moving, perfect' The Pool

    'You'll laugh, you'll cry . . . an utter ray of sunshine' Red

    'Comparisons with Bridget Jones are spot on' Independent

    *** Can't get enough of Aisling? Then why not read the hilarious follow-up to this smash-hit romantic comedy - The Importance of Being Aisling is out now! ***

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