Chocolat by Joanne Harris

It's been twenty years since the unforgettable Chocolat first hit our shelves. The mysterious Vianne opens a chocolate shop in the French village of Lansquenet, posing a serious moral danger to the town with her 'sinful' sweet recommendations. But as tensions rise and romances bloom, the cast of colourful characters begin to wonder..surely a little pleasure never hurt anyone? It's feel-good, funny and laced with a little drama. You'll gobble it down.

The Little Teashop of Lost and Found by Trisha Ashley

Alice Rose was discovered, parentless, on the Yorkshire moors as a baby. The only thing that makes her feel at home is baking, the butter and flour beneath her fingers, and the scents of cinnamon drifting through her kitchen. So when she sets up her own teashop, brimming with cupcakes and eclairs, it seems like the perfect chance to write her own happy ending despite all the heartbreak she's had to live through. (It helps that a gorgeous Grecian neighbour is close by, too.) With a sprinkling of romance and a dash of joy, you'll want to devour it in one sitting.

The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake by Aimee Bender

You'll need to savour this beautiful, moving novel with every page. When nine-year-old Rose bites into her mother's homemade lemon-chocolate cake, she discovers she has a magical gift: she can taste her mother's emotions. But instead of the cheerfulness she sees every day, she tastes despair and sadness. And so follows the intriguing tale of learning to love someone you know so much about - and discovering that there are secrets that even all-knowing taste buds can't seek out. You'll cry at the life-is-messy-but-so-beautiful message, and find its best to comfort yourself with a giant slab of cake.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl

An absolute classic of a book, this one is as playful and enchanting as it is delicously dark. We can't imagine anything better than being let loose in a factory filled with edible delights (unless it was a factory filled with free books, perhaps. But we digress.) You're never too old to dive into the magic of a Roald Dahl story, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory will forever hold a special place in our hearts. Because it's not about chocolate, really. It's about one boy's unbreakable spirit, the hope and love that holds his family together, and how goodness wins over greed, in the end.

A Half Baked Idea bu Olivia Potts

This is one of those heart-breaking, uplifting books that, once you've finished it, will make you look at life - and cake - completely differently! Olivia was baking a cake (and failing at it) when her mother died. Battling her grief, and misterable from her intense days working as a criminal barrister, she found comfort in baking soda bread, pizza and banana cake. Suddenly she finds herself turning her back on the life she's known and enrolling at patisserie school, swapping magistrates for macaroons. It's sad, hilarious, life-altering reading, bound give you a giant craving for eclairs.

Pieces of Happiness by Anne Ostby

This is a beautiful book about female friendship, hope and chocolate. (We were sold just reading the blurb.) Kat is recently widowed and moves to Fiji to start a new life, inviting her close friends to come and join her. Each woman has their own secrets, their own problems, so up and leave their daily routines to instead run a cocoa farm in the South Pacific. It's heartfelt, bittersweet and will leave you with a warm glow in your chest - and the desire to go spend time with your best girlfriends!

Hetty's Farmhouse Bakery by Cathy Bramley 

Hetty has her hands full with marriage, motherhood and helping run Sunnybank Farm (as well as baking her famous shortcrust pastry pies). But when her daughter has to choose her inspiration for a school project, and doesn't pick Hetty, she's filled with self-doubt. Throwing herself into a pie-baking competition to make her daughter proud might seem like a small thing, but soon the cracks begin to show and she realises she might have to make a bigger change. It's a warm-hearted read with plenty of twists and turns - as wholly satisfying as your favourite pie.

The Confectioner's Tale by Laura Madeleine 

This one's delicious. Intriguing. Romantic and indulgent and ALL THE THINGS we want from a book, quite frankly. The Confectioner's Tale tells the story of a young man who glimpses the life behind the doors of the famous Patisserie Clermont in Paris. A life of cream and caramel, melted chocolate and powdered sugar - and one that includes the owner's daughter. Eighty years later, Petra discovers a photograph of her grandfather with something scrawled on the back of it - and she decides to unravel the mystery before his biographer can. With star-crossed lovers, elegant pastries and forbidden romance, it's sure to make your mouth water.

Cafe Tropicana by Belinda Jones

Ava dreams of opening her own coffee shop. So when her dad asks her to visit him in Costa Rica and run his beach cafe, she jumps on a plane to take on the challenge. But on arrival, she's surprised to get more than she bargained for - a sexy business rival, and a rugged guy whose idea of romance is tramping her through the rainforest at dawn. Both men make her pulse race, but only one will capture her heart as much as her beloved coffee. This is a fun, memorable, romantic read that'll make you want to visit Costa Rica, pronto - though we'll settle for reading it with an excellent cappuccino instead.

The Undercover Cook by Katie Fforde

Short and sweet - this short story by the wonderful Katie Fforde is perfect for a quiet evening or single train journey. Our heroine Emily is writing her first journalist assignment at a top restaurant, where a surly chef rules the roost. But romance begins to sparkle, and she soon finds there's more than writing about cooking on her mind...It's an enchanting, light-hearted read and the only other thing we have to say about it is you'll be sad it's over so quickly. Rather like polishing off a cupcake - you'll be surprised it's over, and find yourself reaching for another Katie Fforde fix.

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