Everyday Super Food

Jamie Oliver

If healthy eating is your goal, Jamie Oliver’s guide is a brilliant addition to your kitchen bookshelf. As the title suggests, it focuses on delicious meals that you can eat every single day, with zero guilt. With each recipe using the starting point of a balanced plate, Everyday Super Food is full of meal and snack ideas that are healthy and nutritious, helping you to achieve your daily dietary intake of vitamins, fibre and iron without losing the flavours you love. Think low-calorie vegetable lasagnas, delicious homemade energy balls and breakfast doughnuts that are – unbelievably – good for you!


Adam Grant

 Want to make a difference this year? This book is for you. A how-to guide to changing the world, Originals is all about breaking free of norms to spark real progress. Through the inspiring success stories of unconventional minds such as the entrepreneur who pitched reasons not to invest in his company, the analyst who challenged the CIA’s secrecy and the junior Apple employee who challenged Steve Jobs, you’ll learn how to generate, recognise and champion great new ideas and nurture original thinking in yourself, your family and your work.  

A Mindfuless Guide for the Frazzled

Ruby Wax

Looking for simple, practical changes to help you create space in your life and live more in the moment? Ruby Wax has got you covered. Her latest guide to looking after our modern minds is as entertaining, insightful and practical as her brilliant Sane New World. In it, she investigates the concept and history of stress (spoiler alert: we invented it), how so many of us have come to let it shape our lives, and what we can do to let go of it.  

Zombies, Run!  

Naomi Alderman

Aiming for health and fitness this year, but can’t face the usual diet and exercise manuals? This fun, motivating book is a great alternative for the adventurer in you. Inspired by the entertaining and motivating Zombies, Run! app, it will help you prepare for the imminent Zombie Apocalypse with indoor exercises to build strength and stamina for hand to hand combat, cardio programmes to help you outstrip the undead hordes over long distances, nutritious recipes for when resources are sparse, and tips on building a community to maintain your mental strength. Remember – your first job is survival.


Nick Littlehales  

Here’s one for anyone looking to say goodbye to restless nights, caffeine-fuelled mornings and sugary afternoon pick-me-ups; Sleep has everything you need to make it happen. Nick Littlehales - who coaches sports stars on how to get the most out of their night’s rest – unlocks the secrets of how to map your sleep cycle, set up your bedroom and embrace the nap in order to get the kind of sleep that will boost your mood, motivation and decision-making skills and improve your performance – whether it’s at work or on the sports field.

Field Notes from the Edge  

Paul Evans

If you’re aiming to get outdoors more in the new year, this book will inspire the explorer in you. The Guardian’s Country Diary writer Paul Evans is our guide on a tour of the wilderness that takes in the bits of Nature we don’t usually visit – from standlines to mudflats, clifftops to caves. There he finds the kind of awe-inspiring wildlife and plants that remind us how miraculous and intimidating, dangerous and beautiful, nature can really be.


Derren Brown

For most of us, finding happiness is the ultimate goal. In this reassuring guide, Derren Brown looks at the changing concept of happiness across the millennia to the present day, the many philosophers who have examined it, and the conclusions and strategies they have proposed. Comparing their ideas and wisdom with modern approaches to the pursuit of happiness, this book exposes the flaws in the way that we often think about it, and investigates how we can reclaim happiness by taking control of the stories we tell ourselves.

Why we make things and why it matters

Peter Korn

This book is an inspiring read for anyone setting out to learn a new skill or take up a creative hobby. Craftsman Peter Korn’s moving, heartfelt writing explores why we choose to invest time, energy and emotion in creating things, and how bringing objects that are new and meaningful into the world gives us a unique sense of fulfilment. In its pages you’ll discover the role of craft in a world that is increasingly moving towards mass production, why humans have a basic need to keep making things, what the process of creation can teach us about ourselves, and how it shapes our identities.  

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