Motherhood Meditation MP3: bonus track for Motherhood Your Way

Motherhood Meditation cover with a pink background and two large circles

Time for yourself

Here you’ll find a free meditation MP3 to support you through your baby’s first year, from Hollie de Cruz, birth and parenting coach and author of Motherhood Your Way. On the days when it’s all getting too much and you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing, take 10 minutes out with this MP3 and you’ll soon be reminded that you do.

This meditation has been created to give you the opportunity for some time out and recalibration. We can often cling on to our learned and lived-in experiences without much thought for things we might like to change. Creating the space to reflect and reprioritise can be a hugely rewarding rung on the motherhood ladder. Plus, when you feel happy and relaxed, your child will do too.

If you have trouble napping, or find yourself feeling overwhelmed, closing your eyes and listening to this meditation can bring about a renewed sense of energy and peace.

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