Are you ready for the 2017 festival season?

Michael Odell's The Festival Book is full of hilarious anecdotes, handy tips and photography to prepare the 2017 festival period. To get you into the mood, listen to a handpicked playlist below

Days spent with family and friends listening to live music is definitely one of the highlights of the spring/summer period, and in the run-up to this year's festival season we've compiled a variety of songs from several headlining acts to get you in the festival mood. We think the playlist is best enjoyed whilst reading through Michael Odell's guide The Festival Book; it's full of hilarious anecdotes, handy tips and gorgeous photography to bring the festive spirit to festival-virgins and veterans alike.

Ed Sheeran - Shape of You (Glastonbury)

How could we not start the playlist with Ed Sheeran? Shape of You marked his comeback to the music scene and he sure did it with a bang! The song stayed at number 1 in the UK Top 40 chart for over an month and we're sure it's going to get everyone excited at Glastonbury.

The Weeknd - Can't Feel My Face (Wireless)

Hailing all the way from Canada, The Weeknd will be at London's Wireless Festival in Finsbury Park and we can't wait. This Michael Jackson-esque track is exactly what we need to get us dancing.

Kaiser Chiefs - Ruby

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby! (Aaahhhh)

Need we say more?

Lorde - Royals (Secret Garden Party)

Hats off to Lorde for making us feel special even without the Cristal, Maybach or diamonds on a timepiece.

Catherine McGrath - Starting From Now (Wilderness)

Catherine McGrath is making us fall deeper in love with country music. Starting From Now is a mid-tempo country-pop ballad that we're sure everyone will be belting out, arm in arm.

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The Festival Book

Michael Odell


Which festival is right for you? What should you wear? What should you pack? How much glitter could you possibly need?

With the answer to every festival questions, The Festival Book is your go-to survival guide. It is packed full of hilarious anecdotes, a guide to the very best festivals on offer and tips and tricks to get you festival ready. And if you want to learn to play the nose-flute or attend a wedding conducted by a priestess called Glenda, well, that’s all here too.

With sections on:

A Short History of Festivals – from the Pilton, Pop, Folk & Blues Festival (now more commonly known as Glastonbury) to the revival of the communal rock festival experience in the 90s.

Festival Tribes – You’re looking for self-improvement? Latitude offers drama classes and qualifications. More interested in food? Try Wilderness. Forest walking, foraging and wild swimming more your thing? Green Man’s the one for you.

Festival FashionFlorals, leather, a onesie, full fancy dress – all will do, but don’t forget your wellies! Includes a fool proof packing list with everything you’re likely to forget.

Anecdotes - From getting married at Glastonbury, to being diagnosed with trench foot, to being attacked by a cow – it’s all here!

Tips and Tricks – How to get in for free, how to find your way back to your tent in the dark and a bluffer’s guide to legendary performances (you remember Oasis in 1994, right?)

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