Listen to Vinny from Skintown's mixtape

Vinny, the main character in Ciaran McMenamin's debut Skintown, has already checked out; he has a dead end job in a town that is going nowhere fast and he is living for the weekend and his next freshly rolled joint. Music is one of his few escapes, a constant backdrop to his life when he has little else to hold onto.

Listen to his handpicked playlist below to immerse yourself in his world.

Thunderstruck by AC/DC

'Jukebox is fixed lads. Stick a few song on there, Vincenzo.'

Shortly after an unlikely meeting and a lucrative new business opportunity, Vinny finds himself back in the same pub as always and a jukebox-full of music choices – Thunderstruck by AC/DC sits as a perfect winner for the pub full of people.

Famous Blue Raincoat by Leonard Cohen

The morning after the night before and Vinny is suffering for it. The melancholic Famous Blue Raincoat is the perfect antidote – at least until he is ready to face bacon and eggs.

Footloose by Kenny Loggins

When the night is still young and everyone is still buzzing from the music, Vinny and his mates find themselves piling into back into the Vauxhall Nova to head for a well-known spot to continue the night. However, the police roadblocks are everywhere, reminding of the buzzkill authorities dragging everyone down in Footloose.

Summertime by Billie Holliday

Your first taste of champagne, your first carefree afternoon with something to celebrate and your first love: some songs just capture the relaxed feeling within a couple of bars. Vinny ventures into an upmakret hotel for an afternoon of celebration when he is struck by the tune of Summertime floating across the bar towards him.


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Ciaran McMenamin

‘We’re in the back of a car belonging to the men our mothers told us to never get in the back of a car of. I close my eyes and wonder how many girls will come to my funeral.’
Vincent Patrick Duffy has already checked out. Trapped between Skintown’s narrow horizons, he chops ribs and chickens in a takeaway, dreaming of escape, joint after freshly rolled joint.

A mindless act of kindness leads to the unlikeliest of business opportunities. Where the government has failed, might the second summer of love and a little pill with a dove on it be the broom to sweep away the hatred and replace it with love, so much love?

Skintown is Vinny’s drink- and drug-fuelled odyssey through fighting, fishing, rioting, romance, reconciliation and acid house. Bristling with a restless energy and drunk on black humour, this superb debut is a wild ride.

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