The Conqueror Series

Bestselling author Conn Iggulden takes on the story of the mighty Genghis Khan. An epic tale of a great and heroic mind; his action-packed rule; and how in conquering one-fifth of the world’s inhabited land, he changed the course of history forever.

Book 1: Wolf of the Plains

The young boy abandoned without a tribe on the harsh Mongolian plains faced almost certain death. Hunted and alone, he dreamed first of revenge against his enemies. In time, he would unite the great tribes, forming one nation under the sky.


Book 2: Lords of the Bow

Under his hand, hunters and shepherds have learned to be warriors. They have only their bows, their horses and an iron discipline born of cold, hunger and death. The tribes gather to swear an oath of loyalty to Genghis Khan.


Book 3: Bones of the Hills

Genghis Khan had taken his armies into the heart of China. At the height of his triumph, he is challenged in the west. He cannot turn from it and his sons, his generals will ride. The paths they choose will lead the tribes either to victory, or to utter destruction.


Book 4: Empire of Silver

The thunder of 100,000 hooves. The lightning flash of arrows without number. A great new power is on the march. Who will stand against it? It is the middle of the thirteenth century. One of the most extraordinary military empires in history is riding high. But its architect, the Great Khan, Genghis, is dead.

Fearful that he cannot match his father’s great deeds, the new Khan turns his gaze to Russia, and beyond...


Book 5: Conqueror

From a young scholar to one of history’s most powerful warriors, Conqueror tells the story of Kublai Khan – an extraordinary man who should be remembered alongside Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great and Napoleon Bonaparte as one of the greatest conquerors the world has ever known.


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