The Crooked Sixpence by Jennifer Bell

Set in an outlandish world where nothing is as it seems, The Crooked Sixpence takes you to an uncommon place where ordinary objects have extraordinary powers. Located beneath the well-trodden streets of London, the fantastical city of Lundinor trades in these uncommon objects and reveals many secrets to visitors within its hidden depths.

Recommended reading age: 9-11 years old

The BFG by Roald Dahl

The BFG might be big and friendly but watch out, as he is known to snatch readers young and old from the comfort of their own beds and transport them to Dream Country. A story full of kindness, unexpected friendship and, of course, giants who love to gobble up human beans. Be prepared for a whizz-popping adventure that blends the real world with a fantastical one.

Recommended reading age: 7-9 years old

Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak

Journey with little Max as he takes us from his uninteresting bedroom to an exotic setting in his imagination; across an ocean in a little boat, to the land where only wild things roam. Flip through these gorgeous illustrations and you’ll be transported to a curious rainforest with unusual inhabitants, where you too can make a rumpus.

Recommended reading age: 3-5 years old

The Neverending Story by Michael Ende

The Neverending Story is a dazzling fantasy that pulls you into the mysterious world of Fantastica, full of strange creatures, new friends and magical adventures. Bastian is an unlikely hero but it is his mission to stop the world falling further into decay. This is a story for anyone who dreams about discovering a new world through the pages of a book.

Recommended reading age: 9-12 years old

The Shepherd’s Crown by Terry Pratchett

Explore a planet, which is unlike any other. Swimming through space we find a world shaped like a disc, balancing on the backs of four elephants who stand atop a giant turtle called Great A'Tuin. In this world you will come across every fantasy creature you could imagine but in this story, we follow the adventures of witch Tiffany Aching who stands between the paths of light and dark, while a fairy horde prepares for invasion. This is the final adventure in the Discworld series.

Recommended reading age: 9-11 years old

Chasing the Stars by Malorie Blackman

Inspired by Shakespeare’s Othello and Star Trek, Chasing the Stars takes you on an intergalactic adventure with a twist. Twins Olivia and Aidan are left to make a treacherous journey back to earth alone when they unexpectedly collide with Nathan who was heading in the opposite direction. This is a thrilling adventure and exploration of identity, love and most importantly space travel.

Recommended reading age: 13+ years old

Doctor Who: Night of the Kraken by Jonathan Green

Night of the Kraken sees the 12th Doctor Who on another journey through space and time, and on this occasion to the 18th century, where he faces a dastardly creature from the deep – the mysterious Kraken. This choose-your-own-adventure book lets the reader decide which path to take, and ultimately, control the fate of the universe. 

Recommended reading age: 9-12 years old

Beowulf, Dragon Slayer by Rosemary Sutcliff

Travel back through the centuries to Anglo-Saxon England in this retelling of the well-known legend of Beowolf. Rosemary Sutcliff takes us on some of the great warrior’s most daunting crusades, where he battles a variety of mythical creatures including a man-wolf, a sea-hag and a fire-drake.

Recommended reading age: 9-11 years old

Earthsea: The First Four Books by Ursula K. Le Guin

A four-part fantasy about a young dragonlord, Ged (also known as Sparrowhawk), who travels to the fictional island of Roke, where magic is a central part of life. It’s set in the world of Earthsea; a vast archipelago of islands surrounded by unexplored oceans, where magic is under threat. Earthsea is often compared to the works of acclaimed authors J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis.

Recommended reading age: 9-11 years old

The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum

Dorothy and her dog, Toto are whisked away from the comfort of her homely Kansas farmstead for the ultimate road trip to Emerald City. Oz is a beautiful and magical land to escape to and find lots of new friends along the way – just be sure not to cross paths with the Wicked Witch!

Recommended reading age: 9-11 years old

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