Peppa Pig: Peppa’s Pumpkin Party

Peppa’s Pumpkin Party is the perfect way to introduce fun Halloween traditions to little piglets, through this fantastically popular character. This simple board book is perfect for tiny hands. Watch favourite characters arrive at Peppa’s party in their fun Halloween costumes and enjoy the tricks, treats and jack-o-lanterns brought to life through the bright and colourful illustrations. It’s sweeter than a bag of trick-or-treating goodies!

Recommended reading age: 2-4 years old

Topsy and Tim: Halloween Party

What better pair is there to hang out with on Halloween night than Topsy and Tim? The fun-loving twins are hosting their very own Halloween party so need to get everything ready before their guests come round! From choosing their outfits and carving pumpkins to decorating the house and deciding on spooky party games. It’s time to get your scare on!

Recommended reading age: 3-6 years old

Peppa Pig: Peppa’s Halloween Sticker Activity Book

Peppa returns for another Halloween adventure in this sticker activity book. Watch Peppa and her friends get ready for Halloween; spot the difference, try and find your way through the spider's web and make it all the way to the haunted house! Full of puzzles, games and two pages of stickers, this book will keep tiny fingers busy, with hours of fun.

Recommended reading age: 3-6 years old

Ten Minutes to Bed: Little Monster by Rhiannon Fielding

Your tot can probably be a little monster all year round. But have no fear, we have just the book solution to help little monsters settle down for bed every night of the week, as well as Halloween! Follow Belch as she prowls around her house instead of going to sleep. She plays with her toys, eats jelly, and even has her friends over for some night-time mayhem. However, all little monsters need to sleep eventually! Count down from ten on All Hallows Eve with this calming tale.

Recommended reading age: 3-6 years old

The Ladybird Big Book of Dead Things

Death is a natural part of life, and Halloween, as most of us know, is a time to remember the dead. So, that calls for a trip around the Museum of Dead Things! The museum’s team of experts will teach little ones all about the fierce dinosaurs that lived 200 million years ago, as well as animals, such as the Pyrenean ibex, that have only become extinct in the last 20 years. There are also interesting facts on dead things in space; ancient civilizations, such as the Romans; and animals, like vultures, who prefer to EAT dead things – gross!

Recommended reading age: 6-10 years old

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