You will need:

• The Creaker Catching Kit

• A printer and A4 paper

• A bunch of friends

• A little bit of bravery

Download kit

How to host your own spooky Creaker-catching party:

1. Download the Creakers Catching Kit and print it off onto A4

2. Those Creakers are crafty creatures. Use the invites to invite all of your bravest friends

3. Make sure you check under the bed! Everyone knows it’s the first place you’re likely to find a Creaker

4. Use the recipes to make some disgusttttting ear wax fudge and some super-sticky slime

5. Play ‘hide and creak’ with your friends to try and catch a Creaker!

6. Once you’re tired from all that creakin’ about, try the word search to see if you can speak like a Creaker

7. Read the creepy extract included in the kit. Psst, try it by torchlight for an extra spooky effect

8. Draw a Creaker and give it a name!

Congratulations, you are an official Creaker catcher! Don’t forget to fill in your certificate!

  • The Creakers

  • Lucy Dungston has woken up to find all the grown-ups in her town have disappeared.

    Lucy's friends are thrilled there are no more grown-ups. They're running wild! They're building roads of trampolines, and eating cereal for every meal.

    But Lucy wants her mum back, and nothing is going to stop her.

    Even if it means having to venture into the strange, upside-down world of the mysterious monsters under her bed...

    And the upside-down world isn't the most hygienic of places . . .

    Tom Fletcher's bestselling story is packed with amazing illustrations by the disgustingly talented Shane Devries. It's the perfect spooky (and slightly gross) tale for Halloween!

    Praise for The Creakers:

    'A stonkingly good novels for the over-sevens . . . gleeful descriptions of malodorous underworld creatures, it's both a compelling adventure and a nuanced celebration of friendship and family love' The Guardian

    'The illustrations are stunning and the storyline is full of twists and great ideas' R Patterson, Toppsta Reviewer

    '10 out of 10 bum trumps!' Guff the Creaker

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