18 November 2017
Make a candy cane racehorse

You will need:

•   1 sheet or 2 small squares of felt (pick any colours you’d like your horse to be)

•   Felt glue

•   Candy Canes

•   Ribbons, glitter, buttons or any decorations that catch your eye!

Download template

candy can racehorse

How to make it: 

1.     Cut out the horse head pattern below and trace around it onto the felt. You’ll need two horse heads so fold your felt in half or trace two.

2. Carefully glue around the edge of the fabric and stick the two heads together. Remember don’t put any glue along the bottom as you’ll need to leave a hole to put your candy cane in!

3. Using ribbon or wool create a loop and stick this onto the horse – this will be used to hang up your decoration.

4. Cut a 2cm wide piece of felt for the horse’s mane and cut into this with your scissors to make it look like hair. Now stick this on to the horse covering your loop at the back.

5. Now it’s time to decorate! Using ribbon, glitter, wool or pens add a harness, eye and nostril.  

6. Pop in your candy cane and you’re ready to trot! 

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