Tiffany Aching

Tiffany Aching 

Tiffany has an incredible imagination and can see things no one else can 

She has four older sisters and a little brother called Wentworth (who she has to rescue!) 

Before training to be a witch, Tiffany works on her parents’ farm as a cheesemaker, and is well-known for making the best cheeses in the area 

Her favourite smell is Jolly Sailor tobacco, because her grandmother, Granny Aching (who was a shepherd and wise Witch of the Chalk) used to smoke it 

Her weapon of choice is a frying pan! 

The Wee Free Men

The Wee Free Men 

In their language, the Wee Free Men are called Nac Mac Feegle 

They are fairy folk, or ‘pictsies’ 

They are blue, with red hair and bears and stand 15cm tall 

Their clan is made of hundreds of brothers and a mother (leader) called the Kelda 

The Wee Free Men are strong and fearless warriors with some serious sword skills! 

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