January book releases

A is for Avocado: An Alphabet Book of Plant Power by Carolyn Suzuki (2 Jan) The ultimate alphabet book for mini vegans, vegetarians and lovers of the environment. Beautifully illustrated, each letter represents a fruit, vegetable or plant alongside a fascinating fact.

Peppa Pig: Peppa Loves Yoga (9 Jan) New year, new Peppa! And this time Peppa and her friends are learning how to relax after a busy day at playgroup with some calming yoga. Everybody say om…


  • A is for Avocado: An Alphabet Book of Plant Power

  • This Veganuary, learn your ABCs the vegan way!

    Bright, bold and stylish this book will introduce young readers (and new vegans) to vibrant and powerful vegetables and plants:

    Avocado: The Aztecs used these rich, creamy fruits as a symbol of love.
    Bean: There are around 40,000 different types of these edible seeds.
    Carrot: Carrots contain beta-carotene, a chemical that can improve your eyesight.
    Durian: This strong-smelling fruit is highly prized throughout South East Asia.
    Elderberry: These tart berries grow in clusters and are harvested in the autumn.

    Carolyn Suzuki's bright, stylist artwork makes A is for Avocado the perfect introduction to plant-based foods for all ages.

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February book releases

Ladybird Stories for Five-Year-Olds (6 Feb) We are the experts when it comes to fairy tales. And so, we’ve put together a collection of our favourites for five-year-olds! Introduce new readers to Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel and more.

Peppa Pig: Where's Peppa's Magical Unicorn? and Peppa Pig: Super Peppa! (20 Feb) Peppa Pig has a busy month ahead! First, she can’t find her magical unicorn. Don’t you just hate it when that happens? And then Madame Gazelle asks Peppa’s class what they want to be when they grow up. Danny Dog wants to be a skateboarder and Rebecca Rabbit wants to be a carrot. But Peppa isn’t quite sure what she wants to be…

Topsy and Tim: On the Farm by Jean & Gareth Adamson (27 Feb) Can you believe it’s been 60 years since Topsy and Tim first visited the farm? Featuring original artwork, little ones will love following the twins as they help Farmer Stewart collect eggs, milk the cows and feed a calf.


  • Topsy and Tim: On the Farm anniversary edition

  • Topsy and Tim are the twins who have entertained, guided and delighted children for 60 years. To celebrate the 60th anniversary of publishing, Topsy and Tim: On the Farm is a gorgeous new edition of one of the very first stories about these loveable twins, complete with original artwork.

    Topsy and Tim find fun and adventure in the real world. Their engaging stories are reassuring for young children having first experiences of their own. In this special anniversary edition of On the Farm, join the twins as they help collect the eggs, bring the cows to be milked and even feed a calf.

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March book releases

Busy Day: Vet and Busy Day: Builder (5 Mar) Vets and builders have very busy jobs. And now tots can follow a typical day with these lift-the-flap books. Help the busy builder climb his ladder and saw wood, or help the busy vet as she gives animals their medication and performs X-rays. 

Old MacDonald's Easter Egg (5 Mar) Easter is around the corner and there’s an egg-citing surprise happening on the farm. Based on the popular nursery rhyme, readers can follow Old MacDonald as he goes on an egg hunt. Don’t forget to press the sound button to hear some Easter cheeps!

Stories for Rainy Days (19 Mar) Don’t let the inevitable April showers get in the way of their adventures. Children will enjoy listening along to this fun collection of short stories when it’s just too wet to go outside.

Pablo: Pablo and the Noisy Party and Pablo: Goodnight Pablo (19 Mar) A wonderful new series by writers on the autism spectrum that shows children what life can be like for those with autism. Pablo doesn’t always enjoy parties as they can be too noisy, and sometimes he worries if he goes to sleep he’ll disappear. But luckily, Pablo has great friends and family who rally around to help him better understand and realise it’s ok to be different.


  • Pablo: Pablo and the Noisy Party


  • Pablo thinks differently!

    Pablo's mum takes him to his cousin Lorna's birthday party, but Pablo gets scared of the noisy party.

    Pablo hides in the car, and soon his friends come to join him. Pablo's friends help him realise that it's OK if he doesn't want to go to the party.

    This lovely and heartwarming story will help readers understand that not everybody thinks the same way, and that some people feel differently about parties.

    All Pablo books are written by writers on the autistic spectrum and are grounded in the real-life experiences of autistic children.

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April book releases

Ladybird London (16 Apr) Take them on a push-and-pull tour of London! Little tourists will love exploring all the iconic landmarks of the capital city, including London Bridge and Buckingham Palace. 

Little World: On the Beach and Little World: At the Airport (30 Apr) Expand your toddler’s Little World collection with these new push-and-pull books. Venture down to the beach to walk along the sand and watch the waves. Or head to the airport to check-in and board a plane to a different country. Lovely to read out loud at bedtime. 


  • Little World: At the Airport

    Little World

    • Samantha Meredith
  • Introducing the interactive Little World series from Ladybird that makes our big world little.

    Little World is designed for curious toddlers, allowing them to explore familiar landscapes and faraway places, from cities and jungles to outer space and ocean depths.

    The gentle narrative is perfect for reading aloud, guiding children through the terminal as they check in bags, walk through security and board the plane. A novelty slide, push or pull on every spread will engage children and help to soothe any anxiety about airports and flying.

    Sam Meredith's bright artwork and charming characters encourage interaction and play, with lots to spot, see and enjoy on every spread.

    Introduces the world
    Boosts motor skills
    Recommended for children aged 2+

    Look out for other titles in the Ladybird Little World series:
    In the City
    To the Moon
    Jungle Journey
    Under the Sea
    To the Beach
    Shopping Trip
    On the Farm

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May book releases

Baby Touch: Hello, Daddy! (14 May) Looking for a book that new dads can share with their little one? This bright interactive board book will stimulate baby’s senses with its touch-and-feel areas. Plus, dads can have lots of fun making noises with the other daddy animals as they read along!


June book releases

Peppa Pig: Peppa’s Summer Holiday (25 Jun) Peppa can’t wait for her summer holiday! And to lounge on her flamingo inflatable. She and her family are going somewhere where there’s the sun, the sea and a swimming pool. We’re not jealous at all…


  • Peppa Pig: Peppa's Summer Holiday

    Peppa Pig

  • Peppa and her family are going on a summer holiday!

    Peppa can't wait to go in the swimming pool with her pink flamingo inflatable! There's plenty to do on holiday and maybe she'll make some new friends while she's there . . .?

    A super fun, summery read, perfect for all those holiday vibes.

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July book releases

Mabel and the Mountain by Kim Hillyard (9 Jul) It doesn’t matter what size you are – big or small – you can do anything if you set your mind to it. Take Mabel for example. She may be a small fly, but that won’t stop her from climbing a mountain, hosting a dinner party and making friends with a shark. A beautifully inspiring picture book children and adults will enjoy.

Ten Minutes to Bed: Little Dinosaur by Rhiannon Fielding & Chris Chatterton (23 Jul) Rumble the triceratops has decided to go on an adventure! Even though he knows he’s meant to be going to bed… Countdown to ten with your sleepy little one as Rumble finds muddy puddles, tropical birds and erupting volcanoes.

Hey Duggee: Duggee's Party! (23 Jul) It’s Duggee’s birthday and that means its time for a party. But shh, it’s a surprise! The squirrels are planning something extra special for Duggee but can they do it without his help?

Baby Touch: Tummy Time (23 Jul) Daily tummy time is so important for babies’ muscle development. And now you can make it extra fun for them with this bright and bold carousel book. Designed to be laid on the floor, it will encourage your baby to reach and stretch.


  • Mabel and the Mountain

  • Mabel may be a small fly but she has Big Plans...

    1. Climb a mountain
    2. Host a dinner party
    3. Make friends with a shark

    Mabel's friends aren't being very helpful, but Mabel knows the truth about Big Plans:
    *Don't listen to those who say you cannot. Listen to those who say you can!*

    So, even though a mountain is very, very high and Mabel is very, very small she knows she shouldn't give up.
    And even though it might have been easier to fly up a tree, Mabel knows that she needs to keep going and climb!

    Mabel is the best little fly to show readers big and small that there is nothing more important than the power of confidence, and believing in yourself!

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August book releases

Little Pop-Ups: Cinderella and Little Pop-Ups: Little Red Riding Hood (6 Aug) What’s better than a fairy tale? Pop-up fairy tale books that also teach children their numbers and colours! Great to read together, these simple retellings of Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood feature a central pop-up that will delight young readers.

Stories for Car Journeys (6 Aug) Make journeys extra exciting with this collection of stories that the whole family will enjoy. Listen to them in the car, on the train, on holiday – whenever you all travel! 

A Ladybird Book: Sea Creatures, Trees, Baby Animals, Insects and Minibeasts, and Animal Habitats (6 Aug) Help them begin to build their own encyclopaedia with this collection of educational books. Filled with interesting facts about the world including where different sea creatures live and how trees are essential for life on earth - start making space on that bookshelf!

Wise Before Five (20 Aug) Children are remarkable. They change more in the first five years of their life than they will at any other point! And with all those changes, it can be hard to keep on top of things. So, give them this handy guide that includes the alphabet, shapes and numbers, as well as mindfulness and road safety. This makes a brilliant gift for any well-rounded little human!


  • Wise Before Five

  • This book is the perfect gift for nursery graduations, birthday presents or celebrating your child starting school.

    By the time a child reaches the age of five, they have changed more in those early years than they will at any other point in their life. This amazing feat is celebrated in Wise Before Five.

    This illustrated guide is packed with everything a five-year-old should already know and introduces more complex ideas to support further learning. The book covers basic early years concepts, such as the alphabet, shapes and numbers, as well as topics such as feelings, daily routine, mindfulness and road safety.

    With gorgeous and vibrant illustrations by the talented Ekaterina Trukhan, Wise Before Five will build confidence and give children the power to realise that they are pretty remarkable!

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September book releases

Peppa Pig: Peppa's Spooky Halloween (3 Sep) Who doesn’t love dressing up for Halloween? Peppa and George are at their grandparent’s house and are getting ready to put on a spooktacular show in this frightfully good tale!

Ten Minutes to Bed: Little Unicorn's Birthday (17 Sep) Our favourite mischievous unicorn is back. And this time it’s her birthday! She’s having a sleepover party with her friends but when it comes to bedtime, they all have a little trouble winding down…


  • Ten Minutes to Bed: Little Unicorn's Birthday

  • The perfect bedtime book to calm your own sleepy unicorn!

    It's Twinkle the unicorn's birthday and she's having a sleepover party! There are party games, presents, cake, balloons and even fireworks! But as Twinkle's dad counts down to bedtime, there's still a lot going on . . . will Twinkle and her friends go to sleep in time?

    Also available:
    Ten Minutes to Bed: Little Unicorn
    Ten Minutes to Bed: Little Unicorn's Christmas
    Ten Minutes to Bed: Little Unicorn - Toy and Book set
    Ten Minutes to Bed: Little Monster
    Ten Minutes to Bed: Little Mermaid

    In July 2020, watch out for Ten Minutes to Bed: Little Dinosaur!

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