Meet the author: Stuart Heritage

As well as being a writer and columnist for the Guardian, father of two, and one of The Independent’s most influential emerging figures in the British media (an honour he has received two years running), Stuart Heritage is now a children’s author as well.

With the upcoming release of his very silly but hilarious story of perhaps the worst magician you’ve ever seen, we caught up with Stuart to chat about Dr Seuss, his one-time illustrator aspirations and why you should never be scared to write.

Also, enjoy this special sneak preview of the very funny Jonathan the Magic Pony read by author Stuart Heritage to his two children (and biggest Jonathan fans).

  • Jonathan the Magic Pony

  • Jonathan the Magic Pony is a BRILLIANT magician. With one wave of his wand, he can make anything disappear. And then come back again. It's fool-proof. Failsafe. Always works.

    Except... when Jonathan magics away Sarah's bear, it doesn't come back! And every wave of his wand causes even more chaos, with:

    Sharks chasing ducks
    Baboons with giant wooden spoons
    Chimpanzees covered in fleas

    But Sarah's bear is nowhere to be seen!

    Will it ever come back? And will Jonathan ever be a real magician?

    This is the perfect magical story for fans of Grumpycorn and Supertato.

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