Ladybird Books of 2021


Peppa Pig: Peppa's Mermaid Friends (7 Jan) 

Peppa Pig and friends are channelling their inner mermaid – they know that it’s better down where it’s wetter! Little readers can join in the fun by lifting up the flaps on every page and discovering all the magical underwater surprises.

Ned and the Great Garden Hamster Race by Kim Hillyard (21 Jan)

It’s the day of the Great Garden Hamster Race and hamsters have come from all over the world to take part. Ned has been training long and hard for this and is determined to win. But on the route, he comes across some fellow critters in need of his help…

What to Look For in Spring by Elizabeth Jenner & Natasha Durley (21 Jan)

Uncover the secrets of the seasons. Spring, summer, autumn and winter – whichever season we’re in, the UK is filled with all kinds of life. You and your little one can take a walk through the different months with the new What to Look For series and learn which plants come out, how animals survive and the general wonders to be found. 

  • Ned and the Great Garden Hamster Race: a story about kindness


  • The perfect story to remind children about the importance of kindness.

    3, 2, 1, go!

    Ned the hamster has been in training for the Great Garden Hamster Race but when race day arrives, the route is cluttered with critters in need of help. Will he realise that a few small acts of kindness are more important than winning at any cost?

    This positive picture book from author/illustrator Kim Hillyard will inspire all readers big and small to look up and offer help to those who might need it.

    Also available from Kim Hillyard:
    Mabel and the Mountain

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Peppa Loves Reading (4 Feb)

Peppa loves reading, and we can’t say we blame her. She loves it so much she’s decided to start a book club. So, Mummy and Daddy Pig ask Peppa and George’s friends to come round so they can all discuss their favourite book.

Baby Touch: Seasons (4 Feb)

Introduce your baby to the seasons with this bright, interactive book from the Baby Touch series. Featuring touch-and-feel patches, grabbable tabs and high contrast colours, this is a great book to encourage first words and a love of books.

Water World by Ben Rothery (4 Feb)

Natural world illustrator Ben Rothery is back, and this time he’s focusing on our ocean ecosystems. From the warm coral seas of the tropics to the frozen oceans around the poles, mini nature lovers will meet a host of creatures big and small, learn about their habitats and discover how global warming is affecting them.

Peppa Loves Easter (18 Feb)

Madame Gazelle has organised a special Easter eggstravaganza for Peppa and her friends at playgroup. There are cakes to eat, eggs to decorate and cards to make. And there’s also a very large Easter egg – but who’s inside it? This sweet story makes the perfect Easter gift for Peppa fans. 

  • Baby Touch: Seasons

    Baby Touch

  • Introduce your baby to all of the seasons with this bright, interactive playbook.

    Say hello to spring, summer, autumn and winter, from fluffy chicks to sparkly snowflakes!

    With textured patches to touch, feel and explore, this bright and sturdy board book with grabbable tabs will engage young children from birth upwards. High-contrast colours and touch-and-feels stimulate a baby's senses, while encouraging interaction and play.

    A perfect first words book for all babies and toddlers.

    Sensory development
    Boosts motor skills
    Recommended for children aged 0+

    Illustrated by Lemon Ribbon Studio

    Also available:

    Baby Touch: Playbook
    Baby Touch: Peekaboo
    Baby Touch: Vehicles
    Baby Touch: Animals
    Baby Touch: Tummy Time
    Baby Touch: Night Night
    Baby Touch: Busy Day
    Baby Touch: Get Dressed

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Bees: A Lift-the-flap eco book by Carmen Saldana (4 Mar)

Made from 100% recycled board, this new eco collection will teach children why our seas, trees and bees are so important. A wonderful introduction to some very important topics, there are also sections on how little eco-warriors can help do their bit.

Busy Day: Firefighter by Dan Green (4 Mar)

As we all know, firefighters have very busy and important jobs. And now little readers can join in and help with this lift-the-flap book. From sliding down the pole at the station to unrolling the hose ready to put out a fire, tots can learn about the typical day of a firefighter whilst developing their fine motor skills.

Magic Windows: Weather by Libby Burns (4 Mar)

This new non-fiction series is ideal for curious tots. In Magic Windows: Weather, with each sliding tab will teach children how rain, wind, snow and other types of weather are formed. A great one to read on a rainy day (pardon the pun)!

Pablo Goes Shopping (4 Mar)

Based on the hit TV series and written by writers on the autism spectrum, Pablo and his friends are off to the supermarket aka the super place! There are so many different super things to see, but Wren finds the supermarket too bright and too loud. So, it’s up to Pablo and the others to help Wren find different ways to enjoy their visit.

Hey Duggee: The Potty Badge (18 Mar)

There’s no one better to earn your potty badge with than the Squirrels! Duggly, Duggee’s little nephew has come to visit the clubhouse and he’s no longer wearing his nappy. When Duggly needs to use the potty, the Squirrels help him by teaching Duggly a special song. This gentle tale is perfect for helping encourage little ones learning how to use the potty. 

  • Bees: A lift-the-flap eco book

    Ladybird Eco Books

    • Carmen Saldana
  • This lift-the-flap book uses plant-based inks, glues with minimal plastic content and is made from recycled board.

    Teaching children all about why bees are so important and how we can help save them, this eco-friendly book is the perfect introduction to an important topic. With flaps to lift and facts to learn, this book also includes a section on how you can help.

    First facts
    Introduces the world
    Recommended for children aged 4+

    Also available in this Ladybird eco-friendly series:

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Baby Touch: Happy Eid! (1 Apr)

Eid is an important celebration as it marks the end of Ramadan. And this adorable touch-and-feel book is great for introducing really little ones to the holiday, as well as some of their first words.

Hey Duggee: Duggee and the Dinosaurs (15 Apr)

The Squirrels have been digging in the garden when Roly ends up finding something that looks like a rock – but it’s actually a fossil! Duggee already has his fossil badge, so it’s up to him to teach the others all about dinosaurs.

Little Pop-Ups: Goldilocks and the Three Bears (15 Apr)

Little readers can discover the tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and learn all about opposites with this pop-up book. Based on the classic fairy tale, every page features a central pop-up that will delight tots.

Peppa Pig: Peppa's Countdown to Bedtime (29 Apr)

It’s bedtime, but Peppa isn’t quite ready to go to sleep just yet. So, her family count down all the things Peppa loves to help her drift off. This story is perfect for cheeky little piggies who need help settling down in the evening. 

  • Little Pop-Ups: Goldilocks and the Three Bears


    • Nila Aye
  • Introduce your baby to fairy tales and opposites with sturdy Ladybird Little Pop-Ups.

    Based on the popular tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, this simplified story with sturdy, integrated pop-ups is perfect for parents and toddlers to explore the magic of reading and learning together.

    Nila Aye's beautiful illustrations bring the story to life as each spread features a central pop-up and a pair of opposites highlighted for your child to learn.

    Encourages imagination
    Recommended for children 18months+

    Also available in the Ladybird Little Pop-Ups series:
    Little Red Riding Hood: A book of colours
    Cinderella: A book of numbers
    Hansel and Gretel: A book of words

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A Ladybird Book: Baby Animals (6 May)

Help them begin to build their own encyclopaedia with this collection of educational books. Filled with interesting facts about the world, including how baby animals survive in the wild and how trees are essential for life on Earth, it’s time to start making space on that bookshelf.

Smiley Eyes, Smiley Faces by Dawn McNiff & Zoe Waring (10 May)

The events of 2020 mean that children are now growing up in a world where adults wear face masks whenever they leave the house. But even though you can’t see their mouths, it doesn’t mean they’re not smiling. In Smiley Eyes, Smiley Faces, little ones will take a journey through town where they’ll meet lots of different face mask wearers. And each time they meet a new person, they can lift their face mask flap to reveal a smiley face.

Hey Duggee: The Football Badge (13 May)

Duggee has his football badge, so he’s teaching the Squirrels how to play the much-loved game. But they’re a way off from being Lionel Messis anytime soon. Will they ever get the ball to go in the right direction so they can score a goal? 

  • Smiley Eyes, Smiley Faces

  • Have fun with face masks in this lift-the-flap, out-and-about adventure!

    Toddlers today are growing up in a world where adults wear face masks outside the house. Everyone is wearing them, from the bus driver to the shop assistant!

    In Smiley Eyes, Smiley Faces, they can take an interactive journey through the town, meeting different face-mask-wearers along the way. Toddlers can then lift the mask-shaped flaps to reveal the smiley faces underneath the bright, colourful masks. They can even lift their own mask at the end of the day with the surprise mirrored finale!

    Zoe Waring's bright artwork and charming characters encourage interaction and play as small children engage with the new world around us.

    (Please refer to the WHO guidelines for advice on children and the wearing of face masks.)

    This novelty Ladybird title:
    Introduces the world
    Boosts motor skills
    Recommended for children aged 2+

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Busy Day: Athlete by Dan Green (3 Jun)

Do you have a budding mini athlete who wants to win a gold medal one day? Well, they can start warming up with this interactive book from the Busy Day series. On each page, little ones can use the action flaps to see what an athlete does in a day. Ready, set, go!

Baby Touch: Little Library (10 Jun)

Introduce tots to their first colours, numbers, shapes and words with this mini-library. Great for reading on the move or at home, all four books have bright and fun illustrations and simple text that will keep little readers engaged. Plus, the backs of the books form a jigsaw when brought together!

  • Busy Day: Athlete

    Busy Day

  • Join the busy athlete as he goes for gold in this playful, interactive flap book!

    Ready, set, go! Can you win the gold medal? Join in and use the flaps to help the athlete to warm up, jump over the pole, dive into the pool and much, much more. With interactive action-flaps, you can do it, too!

    Each clever flap provides an action or scene-change to encourage children to actively engage and explore. The playful flaps are perfect for little hands to develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

    Original concept and illustration by Dan Green.

    The Busy Day series:

    Introduces the world
    Boosts motor skills
    Recommended for children aged 2+

    Also available in the Busy Day series:

    Train Driver

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