Puffin Books of 2021


How To Change The World by Rashmi Sirdeshpande & Annabel Tempest (7 Jan) 

Humans have been changing the world since, well, forever! And in Rashmi Sirdeshpande’s new book, you’ll meet 15 different groups of people who have made changes for the better. From the campaigners who fought for women’s rights to the scientists working to protect the ozone layer, it’s amazing what can be done when we all work together.

The Worries: Sohal Finds a Friend by Jion Sheibani (14 Jan)

Sohal is a worrier. His parents and teachers always say so but this just makes Sohal worry more. He worries about the dark, not having friends and mutant sheep. So, to make himself feel better, Sohal decides to scribble down his worries. And this helps! Except when he wakes up the next morning, he finds his worries sitting at the end of his bed in furry creature form! Will Sohal be able to keep them under control? A great story for fans of Pixar film Inside Out.

Uma and the Answer to Absolutely Everything by Sam Copeland & Sarah Horne (21 Jan)

Uma Gnudersonn has a million and one questions. Why do old people shrink? What’s the most disgusting animal in the world? Will my dad ever start talking again? Why did mum leave before she passed away? Unfortunately, Uma doesn’t always get an answer. But then she stumbles across a single mysterious in-ear headphone called Athena who has the answers to everything. Armed with this access to unlimited knowledge, Uma is determined to make some changes in her life. But then Athena’s sinister inventor comes looking for her creation… 


  • The Worries: Sohal Finds a Friend

    The Worries

  • .

    'Funny, sweet and very useful for opening conversations with anxious children' - Guardian

    Everyone feels worried sometimes. But what if your worries came to life and started following you around?

    Sohal worries about a lot of things: the dark, mutant sheep, being alone - you name it, he worries about it! So one night he tries drawing his worries to make himself feel better - and somehow they look a lot less worrying once they're scribbled down.

    But then imagine Sohal's surprise when he wakes up the next morning to find a set of funny, furry friends at the end of his bed!

    His worries have come to life, and it's not long before Hurt, Fail, Anger, Big and Alone have turned his world upside down. Now it's up to Sohal to work out how to keep his worries under control - and have some serious fun while he's at it!

    The Truth Pixie meets Inside Out in this hilarious, highly illustrated new series, perfect for helping children gently work through their worries and concentrate on having fun.

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The Hatmakers by Tamzin Merchant & Paola Escobar (18 Feb)

Cordelia Hatmaker belongs to a family of magical milliners. In her world, alchemy and enchantment can be woven into different clothing items – this is a rare and ancient skill known as Maker magic. Cordelia’s father Prospero often has to travel to collect some special hat ingredients but this time he and his ship go missing. Cordelia is determined to find him – however, with a longstanding family rivalry resurfacing and a potential war brewing, will Cordelia ever see him again? This captivating debut from actress Tamzin Merchant is perfect for lovers of fantasy adventures.

Antiracist Baby by Ibram X. Kendi & Ashley Lukashevsky (18 Feb)

Antiracism is bred, not born. And if you need a little guidance on how to broach the subject with younger children, Ibram X. Kendi’s picture book is ideal. Ashley Lukashevsky’s bold illustrations alongside Kendi’s playful rhymes will introduce little ones to the concept of antiracism and provide parents with the tools they need to have those necessary conversations.

Little Badman and the Radioactive Samosa by Humza Arshad & Henry White (25 Feb)

Despite having saved the world twice already, Little Badman aka Humza Khan finds himself caught up in another hair-raising adventure for World Book Day. This time Humza and his friends end up with superpowers after a box of delicious samosas are hit by a rock from outer space. Pretty cool, huh? Less cool are the giant terrifying hamsters now on the loose…

There's a Wolf in Your Book by Tom Fletcher & Greg Abbott (25 Feb)

The characters from the Who’s In Your Book? series are also taking part in World Book Day this year. And in this special interactive tale, they have made a book inside a book! But there’s a big bad wolf on the loose and he’s causing chaos. Can you help them get rid of this meddlesome beast? 

  • Little Badman and the Radioactive Samosa

  • *Meet Little Badman in this hilarious and action-packed mini adventure, for fans of David Baddiel and David Walliams*

    Praise for Little Badman and the Invasion of the Killer Aunties:

    'Wildly over the top and satisfying' The Observer New Review Children's Book of the Month

    'This book is bonkers but proper funny- it's Drake meets James Bond' Match of the Day Magazine


    You've heard of Little Badman, right? No? Oh. Well. . . Doesn't matter. You will do one day. He's gonna be big.

    You've heard of Little Badman, right? No? Oh. Well. . . Doesn't matter. You will do one day. He's gonna be big.

    Little Badman, aka Humza Khan, has saved the world TWICE.

    So it's lucky when Humza and his friends narrowly avoid being hit by rock from outer-space. What does get hit is a box of delicious samosas, which turn . . .

    Radioactive! Now the trio have superpowers, which is pretty cool. What's less cool is the giant hamsters on the loose. Looks like a job for Little Badman and his crew.

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Shipwreck Island by Struan Murray & Manuel Sumberac (4 Mar)

In this sequel to Struan Murray’s Orphans of the Tide, Ellie and Seth have arrived on a mysterious tropical island after fleeing from the City following their battle with the Enemy and the Inquisition. They still need to uncover the truth behind Seth’s lost memories but at least they can rest easy for now. Or can they?

The Runaway Girls by Jacqueline Wilson & Nick Sharratt (18 Mar)

In Jacqueline Wilson’s new tale, the year is 1851 and two young girls from very different backgrounds are struggling. Kitty Fisher lives on the streets, performs tumbling to earn her meals and has recently lost the only friend she had. Lucy Locket on the other hand comes from a wealthy family, but the arrival of her new stepmother and a mean governess has left Lucy feeling very lonely. So, she runs away and ends up meeting Kitty. It’s now up to the girls to work together if they are to survive on the streets of London and avoid the workhouse.

The Extremely Embarrassing Life of Lottie Brooks by Katie Kirby (18 Mar)

Lottie Brooks is only 11 years old but her life is officially already over. She doesn’t have any friends at her new high school. She doesn’t have glamourous swooshy hair. And worst of all, she’s too flat-chested to wear a bra! The only thing left for her to do is go into hibernation with her hamsters. How will she ever get through this? Fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid will love this new series. 

  • The Extremely Embarrassing Life of Lottie Brooks

    Lottie Brooks

  • The first book in the hilarious new series for children by the bestselling creator of Hurrah For Gin.

    Lottie Brooks is 11 ¾ and her life is already officially over - not only is she about to start high school without any friends or glamorous swooshy hair, she's just discovered she's too flat-chested to wear A BRA!

    She might as well give up now and go into hibernation with her hamsters Sir Barnaby Squeakington and Fuzzball the Third.

    Lottie navigates the many perils of growing up in this fantastically funny new illustrated series for a 9-12 audience, filled with friendship, embarrassing moments and plenty of lols.

    Hilarious, relatable and full of heart, for fans of funny and chaotic family stories.

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My Daddies! by Gareth Peter and Garry Parsons (1 Apr)

Families look different for everyone and all are equally wonderful. For one little girl, she has two daddies and they go on the most amazing adventures. From battling dragons and running from dinosaurs to travelling to the moon and finding treasure, she always has the best time with them. Perfect for bedtime, this charming picture book is sure to be a new favourite for all little readers.

Weirdo by Zadie Smith, Nick Laird & Magenta Fox (15 Apr)

Maud is a guinea pig who likes judo, and she’s gifted as a birthday present to a young girl called Kit. However, things get off to a rocky start between Maud and Kit’s other pets; they think she’s a bit of a weirdo. But a friendly encounter with a neighbour shows Maud she should embrace her individuality. This gorgeous story from veteran writers Zadie Smith and Nick Laird, alongside Magenta Fox’s delightful characters, will be treasured by weirdos young and old.

The Accidental Diary of B.U.G. by Jen Carney (15 Apr)

This is the diary of Billie Upton Green (don’t ever call her BUG). Although it’s not really meant to be a diary – it’s supposed to be used for practising her spellings. Anyway, there’s a new girl called Janey at Billie’s school, so Billie decides to show her the ropes. But then Janey starts to get very close to Billie’s BFF Layla. And she seems to know an awful lot about their teacher Mrs Robinson’s missing purse…

Barbara Throws a Wobbler by Nadia Shireen (15 Apr)

We all throw a wobbler now and then. And Barbara is having one of those days. First of all, she couldn’t find matching socks. Then there was a strange pea on her plate. And to top it all off, Barbara has a very unfortunate incident with her ice cream. So, she throws a wobbler. But it’s now getting out of control. Will Barbara be able to make it go away? 

  • My Daddies!

  • A funny, heartfelt picture-book: perfect for introducing children to the different kinds of family there are in the world today, and celebrating story time together.

    Set off on a series of incredible adventures with an adorable family as the stories they read burst into colourful life. Battle dragons, dodge deadly dinosaurs, zoom to the moon and explore the world in a hot air balloon, before winding down in a wonderfully cosy bedtime ending.

    The bouncy, rhyming, read-aloud text is brought to life by bestselling, award-winning illustrator Garry Parsons, illustrator of The Dinosaur that Pooped series.

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The Little Mermaid by Anna Kemp & Natelle Quek (13 May)

This beautiful picture book reimagining of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid is perfect for readers new to the classic story. Princess Coral is a mermaid who dreams of living above the ocean waves. After rescuing and falling in love with the human Prince Eldo, Coral seeks out the Sea Witch to give her two legs instead of a fin. But powerful magic like that comes at a terrible price…

The Summer I Robbed a Bank by David O'Doherty & Chris Judge (27 May)

The summer holidays are meant to be fun, not spent on a remote and very rainy Irish island surrounded by sheep. But silver lining: Rex gets to stay with his strange and very brilliant Uncle Derm. And Uncle Derm is planning on robbing the island’s travelling bank. 

  • The Summer I Robbed A Bank

  • Rex's parents have split up, he's about to make the daunting move to secondary school, and to make matters worse he has to spend his summer holiday on a remote and rainy Irish island - with lots of unruly sheep for company.

    The only upside: he'll be staying with his strange and brilliant Uncle Derm.

    Then Rex discovers Uncle Derm is about to execute his most hair-brained plan yet - to rob the island's travelling bank!

    Like the local legend of medieval Pirate Queen Grace O'Malley, Uncle Derm plans to redistribute the money to local needy causes on the island.

    And he needs Rex's help . . .

    A madcap robbery, plenty of sheep and a summer of discoveries come together in this hilarious and moving novel, perfect for fans of Frank Cottrell Boyce, Ross Welford and David Walliams.

    Praise for David O'Doherty's Danger is Everywhere series:

    'I dislocated my jaw laughing' Eoin Colfer

    'Imagine the Mighty Boosh crashed into the Wimpy Kid' The Times

    'Brilliantly funny' Gransnet

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Bodies Are Cool by Tyler Feder (3 Jun)

Tyler Feder’s empowering picture book shows younger readers that all kinds of bodies exist in the world. The rhythmic words are great for reading aloud together and paired with Feder’s vibrant illustrations, little ones will learn there are all different kinds of skin tones, body shapes, hair types and more. Every body is a cool body!

Peter Rabbit: Head Over Tail by Rachel Bright & Nicola Kinnear (10 Jun)

Beatrix Potter’s iconic character is still up to lots of mischief in this new series by Rachel Bright and Nicola Kinnear. Peter needs to help his mum clean the sheets he’s made so grubby. So, looking in his big invention book, he hatches a plan with Squirrel Nutkin. But things don’t quite go to plan…

How To Grow A Unicorn by Rachel Morrisroe & Steven Lenton (24 Jun)

Sarah’s grandma loves gardening and it’s nearly her birthday, so Sarah sets off to Mr Pottifer's Parlour of Plants to find her grandma the perfect gift. There’s so much to choose from; there are tiger plants, foxgloves, green runner beans and birds of paradise. Sarah settles on a packet of unicorn seeds – what a wonderful gift this will be. But after she plants the seeds, Sarah finds that a garden full of unicorns is hard to maintain.

Aldrin Adams and the Cheese Nightmares by Paul Howard (24 Jun)

Aldrin Adams has quite a rare superpower: if he eats smelly cheese before bedtime, he can enter peoples dreams and nightmares. Pretty cool, huh? Aldrin likes to help people with their problems. But he doesn’t really have anyone to help him with his own. His dad hasn’t been the same since his mum died and their cheese shop is in danger of being closed. And to top it all off, someone is trying to steal Aldrin’s superpower for their own evil plan of world domination! If Aldrin’s going to save the day, he’ll need the smelliest of cheeses.

  • How to Grow a Unicorn


  • A rollicking, rhyming read-aloud treat from wordsmith extraordinaire, debut author Rachel Morrisroe, and the ridiculously talented, bestselling Steven Lenton

    Welcome to Mr Pottifer's Parlour of Plants: a magical shop with the most surprising plants you'll ever see!

    Sarah thinks she's discovered the perfect gift for her garden-loving grandma, but before you can say GARDEN FULL OF UNICORNS, things grow wildly out-of-hand!

    Live your own hilarious unicorn fantasy in this rip-roaring, rhyming delight from a terrifically talented new picture book author, with illustrations from the brilliant, bestselling illustrator Steven Lenton - illustrator of Shifty McGifty and The Hundred and One Dalmations picture book.

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