23 of the dreamiest reading nooks to get lost in a story

From treehouses to hidden wardrobes, these dreamy reading nooks, spaces and places are the perfect way to get lost in a story. 

1. The cosiest of shelved corners. 

Child reading in shelved corner

2. Or snuggled up in bed. 

Bed with blanket tent and fairy lights

3. In a comfy spot you've made your own. 

Child reading under some shelves

4. On an outdoor swing.

Girl on an outdoor swing

5. Somewhere with a really great view.

Window seat surrounded with books

6. On a comfy chair. 

Comfy leather chair

7. Or a comfier sofa.

Girl reading on a comfy sofa

8. In an outdoor tent. 

Two children reading under a tent outside

9. Tucked out of sight in a cupboard.

Fairy lights and cushions in a cupboard

10. Or just wedged in a corner. 

Girl reading in between two bookshelves

11. Under the dreamiest of canopies. 

Child reading under tall pink tent in the corner of a room

12. Hidden in a tent indoors.

A pink tee-pee tent with cushions

13. Propped up against a big ol' friend. 

Huge teddy bear and cushions near a bookshelf

14. On a rug with some favourite characters.

Child reading on a fluffy rug

15. Up a tree.

Child reading a book up a tree

16. Or with your feet firmly on the ground.

Barefoot children reading on a mat in the forest

17. In a car(boot!).

Two children in an open car boot with lots of books

18. At one with nature. 

Child reading by a stream

19. Beside your favourite bookshelves.

Bookshelf with a rug and chair next to it

20. With a furry friend. 

Child reading in a chair with a dog next to her

21. In a treehouse.

Wooden treehouse

22. Gently swaying in a hammock.

Hammock with fairy lights

23. Or, maybe you don't even need a nook!

A baby on the floor surrounded by books scattered everywhere

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