The story of The Christmasaurus: The Musical Edition | Tom Fletcher

Read in Tom Fletcher’s own words, the story of The Christmasaurus: The Musical Edition and find out what inspired the magical new soundtrack.  


It’s Tom here, the oversized elf with silly glasses who wrote this book. Before you read this story, I’d like to quickly tell you another one – the story of how this book began.

It all started with a song! It was called... ‘The Christmasaurus’! That song inspired this whole story but as I began writing the book it seemed a little lonely, so I wrote another song... then another... and another! Before I knew it, I’d finished the book and had a whole stocking-full of Christmassy songs that helped tell the story and bring the characters to life.

The book was released last year, but I knew that somehow I wanted to get these songs out there too. I see them as a soundtrack to the book and, while the book can be read on its own, just as the songs can be listened to without reading the book, you only get the full story when you combine the two.

I think books and music are very special. Books require a reader to use their imagination to bring the words to life, and music can affect your emotions like nothing else in the universe, which is why I’m so excited to be able to combine the two!

The Christmasaurus is all about family so I asked mine to sing with me on this soundtrack (thanks, Gi and Carrie!), as well as Santa himself, who would like to thank Trevor Dion Nicholas for being the best vocal coach in the North Pole.

I had a lot of help from some other elves along the way to, too many to name right here. Without them and their belief in the magic of music, this wouldn’t have happened.

Now, find some festive nibbles, get comfy and turn up the volume.

Merry Christmas, Tom


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