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Download a Tracy Beaker party pack!

Throw a celebratory Beaker bash with a themed party pack for Tracy fans of all ages. 

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It’s been over 30 years since we first met the legendary Tracy Beaker – and now, she’s back in My Mum Tracy Beaker!

Tracy Beaker is now a mum (yep!) to young Jess – and they are the perfect team! Tracy is still fun and daring, but she also works hard to give Jess the family home she desperately wanted when growing up in the Dumping Ground. But when Sean Godfrey – Tracy’s SUPER rich new boyfriend – comes onto the scene, Jess is worried things are going to change…

We can’t think of a better excuse for a party than the return of Tracy Beaker, and the arrival of Jess Beaker! And because you can be a Jacqueline Wilson fan at any age we’ve made two party packs, one for kids and one for adults. Download below!

Party pack for kids:

In THE JESS PACK: NO ADULTS ALLOWED, kids will find everything they need to throw a right Beaker bash with their friends to celebrate My Mum Tracy Beaker, the wonderful world of Tracy Beaker, and our new friend, Jess!

Party pack for adults:

In THE TRACY PACK: REUNION PARTY, you’ll find five fab ideas to help you throw one EPIC Tracy Beaker bash. Because if you ask us, a reunion such as this needs to be celebrated with a good old nostalgic, reunion party! Get ready for some serious #throwbacks. 

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