How to find your own superstar style!

What would you wear if you were performing in front of HUGE audiences? Helen Green, the illustrator of Star Style, talks us through finding your own style. From being creative to finding inspiration, find out how to express yourself with her seven top tips. 

Helen Green

Tip 1: Try drawing your favourite performers!

It's a fun and creative way to express admiration for your favourite people in music. I suppose that’s the definition of fan art! I've enjoyed drawing for nearly all my life, and so combining that activity with the music I love is always a happy experience!

Star Style

Tip 2: Decide who you think has the best style ever!

I’m a big fan of Lady Gaga and her style is wonderfully flamboyant and versatile. She clearly has a lot of fun with her fashion, so she would be my Star Style choice! I’d pick any one of her incredible Alexander McQueen looks if I had to wear only one thing.

Star Style

Tip 3: Try drawing lots of different things, even when they’re tricky!

For Star Style, my favourite things to draw were Lady Gaga, the carnival costumes, the drag queen makeup, and the illustrations of the band Kiss! The drawing of Michael Jackson was quite tricky to get right! Especially the dancing pose, and the flow of the fabric of his clothes. But keep trying and you’ll get there!

Star Style

Tip 4: Think about fun materials and fabrics!

I was surprised by the types of materials that were used to create a couple of the headpieces featured in the book. One of them was an impressively realistic golden crown by Oliver Hilary Sambourne Messel. It looks pretty weighty as you’d expect from a real gold crown, but it was made using wire covered in gold lurex (a fabric) and papier-mâché!

Star Style

Tip 5: Think about your signature item!

I know Elton John likes wearing wacky sunglasses, but I had no idea he owned 250,000 pairs!!

Star Style

Tip 6: Don’t forget about makeup!

I love the makeup pages in Star Style! You get to design a makeup look of your own from scratch using the face template provided. There are endless possibilities of ways to fill that blank canvas!

Tip 7: Go crazy!

Don’t be afraid to try unusual or unexpected outfit combinations. Let your imagination run wild! Mash-up your inspirations to create something fun and unique!


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