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How to make a paper plate kite

Spot loves flying his kite outside and your little one will love creating one too. Craft a paper plate kite together for a fun outdoor activity this summer!

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How to make a paper kite

You will need:

•  Paper plate

•  Ribbon in different colours and sizes

•  Sellotape

•  Scissors

How to make a paper kite

How to make:

1. Cut out the centre of a paper plate.

How to make a paper kite

2. Little ones can draw or colour in their paper plate in any design or pattern they like!

How to make a paper kite

3. Use the sellotape and attach lengths of ribbon to the bottom of the plate, using any textures or colours they want.

How to make a paper kite

4. Attach a pencil, using sellotape, to the opposite end of the paper plate to act as a handle.

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