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Make a Very Hungry Caterpillar squishy marshmallow print

This super-satisfying crafting activity will help little fingers to create Very Hungry Caterpillar masterpieces using marshmallows and paint!  Don’t forget to keep a few marshmallows aside to nibble afterwards…


You will need:   

• A piece of white paper

• Red, blue and yellow poster paints

• Paintbrush and 2 mixing dishes (or 2 bits of scrap card will do!)

• A handful of decent-sized marshmallows (and maybe a few extra ones for nibbling afterwards…)

• Some felt-tips, crayons or colouring pencils to add the finishing touches

• Newspaper or similar to protect your table from any paint splashes

Hungry Caterpillar squishy marshmallow print

Step 1. Squeeze some red poster paint into one of your mixing dishes.

Step 2. Squeeze some yellow and blue poster paints into your other mixing dish and swirl together with your paintbrush to magically mix a green paint the colour of your favourite caterpillar.

Hungry Caterpillar squishy marshmallow print

Step 3. Now you’re ready for the fun bit!  Dip a marshmallow into the red paint so that the bottom of the marshmallow is covered.  And then, with your finger, firmly press the marshmallow onto your white paper.  The red paint will transfer onto your paper (this will become your caterpillar’s face later!)

Hungry Caterpillar squishy marshmallow print

Step 4. Now pick up a new marshmallow and dip it into the green paint. Right next to the red splodge on your paper (to the right hand side of it), squish down on the top of your painty marshmallow to transfer the green paint to the paper.  This will be the first segment of your caterpillar’s body. Repeat several times to make your caterpillar as long as you’d like!

Hungry Caterpillar squishy marshmallow print

Step 5. Leave your paint to dry for around 20 minutes or until the paint is dry to the touch.  You might like to wash your paint mixing dishes, paintbrush and hands during this time.  If you still have a little bit of time left over, you could even read a Very Hungry Caterpillar story together.

Hungry Caterpillar squishy marshmallow print

Step 6. Using your crayons, felt-tips or colouring pencils (or even a normal pencil!) draw a face, some antennae, lots of legs and some fuzz on your caterpillar. And there you have it – your very own marshmallow-printed Very Hungry Caterpillar!

Hungry Caterpillar squishy marshmallow print

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