10 ways to have a bookish wedding

Alongside the dazzling outfits, emotional speeches and excellent cake, there’s always room for books on the big day. Here are 10 ways to put a bookish stamp on your wedding day

1. Choose a bookish venue 

In place of the traditional castle, stately home or rustic barn, check out your local libraries and independent book shops for a dream venue surrounded by books. No added decoration needed – the epic love stories, historical romances and sanctity of the written word are all included at no extra charge. 

2. Book-inspired invitations

Design your invitations with a bookish twist to add some storytelling charm to your big day. Imitate your favourite book covers – a Penguin Classic, perhaps? – with the same fonts or layout, or write your invitations in the format of an opening chapter. 

3. Forget the traditional wedding cake...

Why not delight the guests with a cake made out of a stack of edible books? The cake maker could add the titles of your favourite books along the spines to personalise it, and then everyone can enjoy the fusion of two of the world’s most inspired creations. Cake and books? An excellent combination for any day of the year.

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4. Book characters as wedding cake toppers

Pay homage to your favourite literary couple with silhouettes atop your wedding cake. Why not opt for Elizabeth and Mr Darcy, for example, or Peter Pan and Wendy? Draw or trace the characters onto cardboard, cut them out and wrap them in pages from the book for a whimsical homage of your fictional heroes.

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5. Confetti made out of pages

Cut hearts out of the pages of second-hand books to create handmade confetti. Scatter them on the tables, down the aisle or give them to the guests so they can shower you with literary love after the ceremony. Perhaps one of the only times it is deemed acceptable to decimate the pages of a book – all in the name of love!


6. Give books as favours

Forget the sugared almonds – give away books as favours. Love stories or poetry might make an especially appropriate choice. Wrap them in paper or tie them in ribbon, or leave personalised messages on library cards slotted in the front.  Second hand books look wonderfully vintage, and won’t break the bank if you trawl the charity shops in the lead up to the big day.

7. Replace table numbers with literary themes and locations

Take away the table numbers and instead seat the guests at tables adorned with literary names. Choose book titles, favourite authors or even fictional destinations to guide your friends and family to their seats. Simply print or handwrite them on paper and install them into elegant frames to mark each table.

Some ideas to get you started: Pemberton, Wuthering Heights, Neverland, Thornfield Hall, The Burrow, Mount Olympus. 

8. Books for the centre pieces

Stack piles of books as your centre pieces as a unique, attractive and less expensive alternative to flowers. They’ll look tasteful and decorative, and you can personalise them with individual flowers, fairy lights or other materials to bring them to life.

Here’s a tip: Scour charity shops, second hand book shops and boot sales for the old-looking, leather bound books which look especially stylish as centre pieces.

9. Literary readings and quotes

Romantic quotes or passages from books could be distributed in various places throughout the day. Write them on chalkboards, or even choose a reading for the ceremony if it’s close to your heart.

Some quotes about true love to get you started

'Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.' - Wuthering Heights, Emily Bronte

'Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away, and this is both an art and a fortunate accident.' - Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, Louis des Bernieres

10. Paper-based bouquet

Create the bridal bouquet out of recycled book pages. It’s classy, inexpensive and the flowers will never die, so you can keep it forever. Make it out of old book pages, a Styrofoam ball and a stick (there are lots of tutorials on Youtube) or visit a local craft fair to enquire if someone else can make it for you.

Add a touch of watercolour to the paper for a splash of colour, or leave it blank to resonate with the neutral tones of the paper itself.

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