What you need to know about Dan Brown's Origin

There is nothing we love more than getting stuck into a new adventure, so we can’t wait until Origin, Dan Brown’s latest thriller, hits the shelves in October. Here's what we can tell you about it so far...

1. Origin is the fifth book to feature Robert Langdon, a Harvard professor of symbology and religious iconography. Symbology is a fictional academic discipline created by Dan Brown. The closest real life disciplines would be iconography, cryptography or semiotics.

2. The book is primarily set in Spain, a country rich in history, art and religion - the perfect starting point for a Robert Langdon adventure.

3. This will be the first Robert Langdon thriller to feature modern art; it opens in the Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao. Brown’s previous thrillers have all centred around classical art.

4. The character of Robert Langdon was named after John Langdon, a professor of typography who is known for his complex ambigrams, which play a starring role in Angels and Demons

5. The paradoxical interplay between science and religion is central to the plot of Origin. This is a topic that's always fascinated Dan - perhaps not surprisingly for the son of a church organist and a maths teacher!

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