The Simon Kernick Crime Line

It's 15 years since Simon Kernick's debut novel The Business of Dying was first published and since then he has written 15 full-length novels and many short stories and novellas. The Crime Line is a handy infographic that shows all 16 full-length thrillers in chronological order.

The first 15 novels are standalone stories, although there are recurring characters. Simon’s latest thriller, The Bone Field, is the first in his first ever crime series, with the next instalment, The Hanged Man, due to be published in November 2017.

Here is the list in full:

The Bone Field, 2017

The Witness, 2016

The Final Minute, 2015

Stay Alive, 2014

Ultimatum, 2013

Siege, 2012

The Payback, 2011

The Last 10 Seconds, 2010

Target, 2009

Deadline, 2008

Severed, 2007

Relentless, 2006

A Good Day to Die, 2005

The Crime Trade, 2004

The Murder Exchange, 2003

The Business of Dying, 2002

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