Indulge with a personalised Magnum to match your summer reading

A warm, sunny day is best spent with a brilliant book in one hand and a delicious ice cream in the other. That's why Page Turners got together with Magnum to make personalised ice creams to match some of the hottest books of summer 2018.

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The Summer of Impossible Things by Rowan Coleman

Magical, uplifting and life-affirming, this is the story of Luna, a woman desperate to save her mother’s life at any cost – even if it means sacrificing her own.  It’s a tearjerker that will really stay with you, and one we can totally see being made into a movie one day! The candied orange peel with marigold illustrates the long, winding branches of a family tree, and the dark chocolate contrasting with the white chocolate drizzle reveals that there is light to be found even in darkness. A heart wrenching read sprinkled with time travel, you’ll wish you could turn back time yourself to start the book all over again (and eat the Magnum twice over, of course.)

Magnum: Velvety vanilla ice cream dipped in Dark Magnum chocolate, topped with candied orange peel, marigold and raspberry crumble, finished with a white chocolate drizzle


Whistle in the Dark by Emma Healey

What would you do if your daughter went missing, turned up safe and sound, but wouldn’t speak to you about those four terrifying days? That’s what Emma Healey explores in this gut-punching novel about a mother and daughter and the deepening secrets that hang between them. Every bit as gripping as her first novel Elizabeth is Missing, we brought out the beautiful rose gold birds from the front cover using a white chocolate dip and bronze crunch, every bit as luxurious as they look. The dark chocolate drizzle and crystallized violet represented the darker, surprising chunks of story as you piece together the mystery, the whole thing oozing with tension like an ice-cream that’s been left to melt in the sun.

Magnum: Velvety vanilla ice cream dipped in White Magnum chocolate topped with bronze crunch, caramel fudge and crystallized violet, finished with a dark chocolate drizzle


The Break by Marian Keyes

Amy’s husband Hugh says he still loves her, but he needs a break. A break from their life – a break from her – so he can travel the world for six months. Brimming with all the wit and warmth you’d expect from a Marian Keyes novel, it’s an emotional ride that will have you both laughing and crying as you turn the pages. With all the sweetness of white chocolate, Amy’s crumbling life is best shown with the crushed meringue, offset by the bittersweet but delicious raspberry. Think of Amy as you experience the satisfying crack as you bite into the chocolate – but don’t worry, a happy ending isn’t off the cards.

Magnum: Velvety vanilla ice cream dipped in White chocolate, topped with crushed meringue, desiccated coconut and raspberry crumble, finished with a white chocolate drizzle


Watching You by Lisa Jewell

Joey has been working abroad for 4 years. She comes home, with a new husband in tow, and crashes in her brother’s spare room for a while. But that’s when she meets the man next door, and what starts out as a crush becomes a dangerous obsession… As deliciously dark as the most compulsive thriller and with themes of unexplained murder, family secrets and forbidden lust, you’ll consume this gripping drama as quickly as you’ll consume your Magnum (Well. Almost.)

Magnum: Velvety vanilla ice cream dipped in Dark Magnum Chocolate with pistachio, dark chocolate shavings and matcha, finished with a dark chocolate drizzle


Surprise Me by Sophie Kinsella

Just like lemon popping candy snapping delightfully in your mouth, this glittering rom-com of a book from Sophie Kinsella is fun, unexpected and full of surprises! Sylvie and Dan are in a loving long-term relationship, but when they discover they could be together for another sixty-eight years, they decide to spice up their love life. Fresh and fun like the blend of lemon and strawberry, the cornflower petals nod to the good old-fashioned romance of flowers, gifts and fancy restaurants…but there’s some more shocking discoveries to be found along the way to keep you on your toes.

Magnum: Velvety vanilla ice cream dipped in White Magnum chocolate, topped with strawberry pearls, cornflower petals and lemon popping candy


Sticks and Stones by Jo Jakeman

A revenge-fuelled psychological thriller that packs a punch, you’ll be rooting for the three strong women who fight back against an abusive husband. The three characters – a wife, ex-wife and mistress – are quite different but feisty in their own unique ways, rather like the kick you’ll get from the crushed chilli, the tantalizing surprise of the chocolate popping candy and the contrast of the mouthwatering sour cherries. How far will a woman go to protect her son and punish her husband? You’ll relish this twisty tale as much as this dark and delicious ice-cream.

Magnum: Velvety vanilla ice cream dipped in Classic Magnum chocolate, topped with crushed chilli, chocolate popping candy and sour cherries


The Sapphire Widow by Dinah Jeffries

Set in Ceylon in 1935, this is an exotic whirlwind of a read, ideal if you need to escape your daily commute or hectic summer holidays for a far off land. The wealth and luxury of Louisa’s gem trader ancestry is shown by the bronze crunch and crystallised mint leaves, whilst the cornflower petals represent the lush plantation where she meets Leo, a rugged man with a chequered past. The classic dip is indulgent but wonderfully familiar, because just like all of Dinah Jefferies’ sweeping romances, you know exactly what to expect – and it’s perfect every time.

Magnum: Velvety vanilla ice cream dipped in Classic Magnum chocolate, topped with bronze crunch, cornflower petals and crystallised mint leaves

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