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Books that traverse Greek life

Roam through Ancient Greece to contemporary Greek Life with books that explore Mediterranean cuisine, Greek philosophy and the financial crisis

A Book of Mediterranean Food
, Elizabeth David

Let Elizabeth David inspire you with the taste of the Greek islands, from refreshing salads to sumptuous seafood. Hopping from Greece to Italy to Spain, this is the first cookbook that made Elizabeth David a firm favourite with foodies everywhere.

Greek and Roman Political Ideas, Melissa Lane

Melissa Lane asks us what we can learn from the Greeks and Romans, and, drawing on their ideas, explores how power should be exercised in contemporary society. A clear and satisfying introduction to the subject, Lane relates today’s politics to the ancient philosophies of the past.

From Venice to Istanbul
, Rick Stein

Discover the magic of Eastern Mediterranean food with 100 stunning recipes from Rick Stein, traversing from the heart of Greece to the coast of the Black Sea. Vibrant, fresh and sizzling with flavour, each dish will transport you to the colourful kitchens of the Mediterranean.

The Making of the Greek Crisis
, James Pettifer

This Penguin Short explores the roots of the financial crisis in Greece, tracing back to unsolved issues from the Second World War, to its problematic position in the EU. Designed to be read on a long commute or short journey, James Pettifer explores the crisis in a succinct and simple way, and explains the difficult choices faced by Greece today.

Philosophy for Life
, Jules Evans

Jules Evans elaborates on how ancient philosophy saved his life, and how it can do the same for you, turning us all into happier, wiser and more resilient individuals. Drawing on the teachings of 12 ancient philosophers, this engaging book outlines practical techniques for transforming our lives for the better.

Guide to Greece: Central Greece
, Pausanias

Written by a Greek traveller in second century AD, this Guide to Greece is one of the most influential travel books ever written. Covering buildings, traditions and myths, it’s a well-informed account of classical Greece and its decline in the third century.

The Greeks Had a Word For It
, Andrew Taylor

Do you ever have trouble finding the right word? Chances are the Greeks (or the Norwegians or the Dutch) have just the term you need. A highly entertaining glossary dotted with insightful musings, this book highlights the words missing from the English language that exist elsewhere.

, Thomas Piketty

Translated into English for the first time, Chronicles brings together the best of Piketty’s writing from the past 10 years. He tackles the huge subject of the financial crisis in short, digestible, 700 word columns, shedding light on the past, the present and where we can go from here.

And the Weak Suffer What They Must?,
Yanis Varoufakis

Former finance minister of Greece Yanis Varoufakis draws on his own personal experiences to present how Europe got itself into a financial mess, and, perhaps more importantly, how we can get ourselves out of it. 

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