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VINTAGE Summer: Around the World

Our final summer reading selection brings you the best books from all over the world. Choose fact or fiction from a destination to suit you – you might not be able to get there but you can certainly carry it with you

For our final selection of summer reading we’re travelling across the entire globe to bring you the very best books from around the world. First stop is the Americas where you can travel back to 1920s Montana, 1970s New York or into the near future with Salman Rushdie. Or maybe head south with Misha Glenny into the favelas of Brazil or on a road trip through Mexico in search of the death mask of Montezuma.



Time to head east through Pakistan’s legal system, aftershocks in India, overcoming divisions in South Africa, gaining insight from 25 years of travelling through a changing world from Andrew Solomon, and the ride of your life with the genre-defying Sudden Death.



Even further afield we find a new way to look at China, trace the journey of porcelain with Edmund De Waal, paint fish with Richard Flanagan, then polish up our phrases before heading for the skies and a whole new way of looking at travel in Mark Vanhoenacker’s bestseller.



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