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7 books to read if you love Trisha Ashley

If you love Trisha Ashley's books (like us) and have been left hungry for more, here are 7 brilliant stories we think you'll love.

Conditional Love

Cathy Bramley

The most exciting part of Sophie's week is her Saturday night takeaway with a cup of tea and two sugars. She likes it that way, thank you very much. That is until one day when a mystery interitance is left to her, and the only way she can claim it is to meet with a father she has never known. Pair that with an evil boss and an unreliable boyfriend, and Sophie's life is about to become a lot less predictable...


About Last Night...

Catherine Alliott

Molly left her life in London to move to the countryside, a dream of her husband's that she didn't really share, if she's honest. When her husband dies and she's offered a house back in London, Molly considers going back to the city and leaving country life behind. However, there's just one problem. A rather handsome problem, in the shape of the man already living in her new home...


Can You Keep a Secret?

Sophie Kinsella

Sophie is a nervous flyer, and so when she finds herself on an incredibly turbulant flight, she starts telling the man sitting next to her every secret she's ever had, in fear that she's about to die. Of course, the flight lands safely and Sophie escapes with only an acute sense of embarrassment at pouring her heart out to a stranger. Only when she arrives at work the next day, she meets her new boss, who turns out to be the very man she found herself confessing to the day before.


A Leap of Faith

Trisha Ashley

A Leap of Faith introduces us to Sappho Jones, one of Trisha's wittiest and most relatable characters to date. Sappho is approaching forty and feels like she's done everything. Well, almost anything that is, apart from become a mother. With a potential daddy (or at least donor) on hand, Sappho begins to consider taking the biggest leap of all...


Out of the Blue

Belinda Jones

Selena Harper feels like she has the perfect job: working on a cruiseship, she travels the world with constant excitement and adventure. However, when she takes shore-leave, she finds herself abandoned by friends who have moved on with their lives while she's been travelling. Selena finds herself homesick and without a home. She decides on a whim to spend a week in Crete in the company of an incorrigible womaniser, but she soon finds herself falling under the spell of the island, and of a certain womaniser...


A Vintage Wedding

Katie Fforde

Three women looking for new beginnings decide to start a business organising vintage weddings in a small Cotswold country town, and as their venture takes off they soon find themselves busy arranging other people's Big Days. In fact, they become so preoccupied with other people's love stories that they don't notice their own romances, waiting just around the corner.


The Little Teashop of Lost and Found

Trisha Ashley

The Little Teashop of Lost and Found is Trisha's newest book, and we feel it may just be her best yet. Telling the story of Alice Rose, a foundling who was discovered on the Yorkshire moors above Haworth as a baby. It tells the story of her return to Haworth as an adult - fairy-tale obsessed and about to open a tea emporium, Alice Rose sets out to find her very own happily ever after.


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