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Dystopias: Trump's First 100 Days

Both present and future look foreboding in this month’s podcast as we discuss dystopias and the effect of Trump’s first hundred days on literature.

Howard Jacobson describes his vexing novella, Pussy, Timothy Snyder reads from On Tyranny, and we discuss the classic dystopian fiction we’re all suddenly interested in.

In this month’s podcast we look at President Trump’s first hundred days in office and the concurrent rise of interest in dystopian fiction. Will Rycroft joins Howard Jacobson to discuss how he transformed indignation into his new novel, Pussy

Yale Professor Timothy Snyder reads from his ‘intervention’ On Tyranny, and Stuart Williams and Will Smith speak on the book’s schedule-defying publication. We close with Charlotte Knight, Fiona Wilson and Will Rycroft trying to understand the surge of interest in classic fictional dystopias. It’s not as bleak as it sounds.

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