Vintage podcast

Counterculture: The Outsider

This May we celebrate outsiders: the people on the fringes; those who go against the grain.

We’re joined by Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh, bestselling historical novelist Tracy Chevalier, and debut writer J.D. Daniels. We discuss evading the law, how to establish yourself on the school playground, and making a mess of your life so you can put it back together again.


In this month’s podcast, Irvine Welsh joins us to discuss his friendship with Howard Marks, once Britain’s most wanted man, and author of drug-smuggling travelogue Mr Nice. Tracy Chevalier breaks down her entry in the Hogarth Shakespeare series, New Boy, a remix of Othello set in the school playground. And taking us off the airwaves, J. D. Daniels discusses his idiosyncratic essay collection, The Correspondence, his thoughts on ‘the terror of being alive’, and the crucial difference between British and American lock-ins.



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