Johanna Basford

The ink evangelist's attic studio has wonderful views of the Scottish countryside - and just enough room to accommodate an evergrowing collection of pens

Illustrator Johanna Basford in her attic studio

Illustrator Johanna Basford in her attic studio

I work from a studio in our home in rural Scotland. The house was originally a farm building that was converted into houses a few years ago. My studio is in the attic. It has a big apex window that looks out onto the countryside that surrounds our home and has lots of natural light, which is great for drawing.

I call myself an Ink Evangelist, someone on a mission to vanquish the vector. I draw everything by hand so my studio is littered with large sheets of paper taped together, jam jars full of pens and several plan chests with hundreds and hundreds of drawings stuffed in them.

I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to pens. There’s nothing I like more than a rummage around in a stationery department and I have boxes and boxes of pens I’ve collected from trips to foreign countries or specialist shops. I’m a bit of an inky magpie.

Of course, my clients and editors require files in their inboxes as opposed to inky envelopes in the post (although the latter are so much more appealing!) so I have a computer up there, where I scan in the completed artwork and make any final digital amends.

I always tidy my desk and write a to do list for the next day. Being organised and clutter free helps me to hit the ground running the next day. I also pin all the artwork I’ve created that day to the wall and stand back and examine it from a distance: things always look different with a bit of space.

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